Red Globe On Verizon Router What Is It And How To Fix It? 

Red Globe On Verizon Router 

Red Globe On Verizon Router What Is It And How To Fix It? , If the globe is showing red on the Verizon router which usually shows white light is a common issue. When this happens there will be a wireless connection, but the internet won’t be available. This will be exhausting because nowadays everything is linked with the internet and we need to fix this right away. Do not worry, this article will hopefully save your day.

Red Globe On Verizon Router What Is It And How To Fix It? 

Globe Icon On The Verizon Router

The globe icon on the Verizon router represents internet connectivity. If the router is working fine and we are connected to the internet, the globe will be lighted white. But if the globe turns into a red light, then we won’t have an internet connection which shows something might have gone wrong with the internet connectivity. The globe showing red can happen because of the following reasons.

  • There are issues in connecting to the internet. That is, there might be some sort of problem with the Verizon router in detecting the DSL signal.
  • If the globe is lighting red and is flashing two times in a second, then there might be issues in the gateway. If this is the case, then you might have to send it for service.
  • If the globe is lighting red and is flashing about four times in a second, then it might be overheating. If this is the case check the router again after giving much space for the router to vent properly enough or else turn off the Verizon router to cool it.
  • If the router is showing a red light on the globe icon, then you should fix it as soon as possible to avoid any serious failures.

How To Fix When The Globe On The Verizon Router Lighted Red

 Please try doing the following to solve the issue:

Make Sure The Connections Are Properly Done

 Most of the time the globe on the Verizon router shows a red light because of a loose connection.  You have to make sure that the cables are connected properly and also try disconnecting the cable and plugging once again. Now wait for a few seconds and see if the globe turns white. If the issue is due to a loose plugin then this would work.

Reboot Your Verizon Router

Rebooting your router would fix the issue fastly. For rebooting the Verizon router, you have to first unplug the cable of the router and keep it aside for a few seconds. After unplugging for a few seconds, plug it back in and check whether the globe is still flashing red light. If this isn’t working let us try the next method to fix the issue.

Reset The Verizon Router Factory Settings

You can reset the Verizon router at the factory settings. Resetting will delete the data of all prior connected devices and would be as new as you bought it. You can now reconnect your devices after configuring the router with a username and password. After that check, if the globe is still showing red. If so, let’s try another method.

Service Outage

There are chances for service outages in your locality. Check your service outage on the Verizon service outage page. You have to sign in to your account and check for service outages. If there is any, then you can fix it and then your Verizon router globe would be lighted white.

Resetting The Optical Network Terminal

If you are back here trying all the above fixes, then next try resetting the Optical Network Terminal. You can do it all by yourself. All you have to do is, on the battery backup, find the alarm silence button and press it for about twenty to thirty seconds. Were you able to fix the issue by following any of the above? If you are still having the red globe on the Verizon router, then contact Verizon customer service for fixing the issue.


The red globe on the Verizon router which is usually white, is because the router is not able to connect to the internet. There might be a variety of reasons for this issue of connecting to the internet. It might be because of the DSL, not being able to detect the signals. Sometimes it might be because of a gateway or overheating of the router. If your internet plan expires, Red Globe On Verizon Router What Is It And How To Fix It? ,it might also cause a red light on the globe. Also, check whether any other device is accessing your internet bandwidth. This might also interrupt the internet connectivity.Sometimes the source from which internet connectivity is taken can also break down at the line. You should also check the internet speed. If it’s too slow, the router won’t be able to connect. The red globe showing on the Verizon router is about nothing to worry about. You can fix the issue by checking if the cable is plugged in correctly or not, by rebooting, or else resetting it. If you have tried doing all the above fixes listed and are still not able to light the globe white, then contact Verizon customer service.

Red Globe On Verizon Router What Is It And How To Fix It? 

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