Publix Bereavement Policy

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Bereavement leave is a paid leave granted by companies to their employees to help the employee grieve the loss of a loved one and prepare for the burial arrangements. Knowing these policies will help employees understand what to expect in their period of grief should they lose a loved one. So what does bereavement policy look like at the employee-owned supermarket chain, Publix?

Publix Bereavement Policy
Charleston, South Carolina, USA – February 28, 2020: Exterior view of one Publix Super Markets. Publix Super Markets, Inc. is an employee-owned, American supermarket chain.

At Publix, full-time employees are entitled to three days off bereavement leave, while part-time employees have no claim to bereavement leave. Full-time employees do not lose their benefits while on bereavement leave. If they need more time off, they would have to use sick days or request vacation leave.

Does Publix Pay For Bereavement Leave?

As of 2021, Publix pays only its full-time employees during their bereavement leave. Part-time employees are not entitled to bereavement leave, neither are they paid if they ever do. But that is if the bereavement leave obstructs their work schedule. For example, if an employee, Jane Doe, is scheduled to work Monday through Friday and she has to go on bereavement leave from Tuesday to Thursday, that counts for bereavement leave. But if Jane is already on leave in that period, it doesn’t count as bereavement leave.

How Long Does Publix Bereavement Leave Last?

Publix full-time employees are given three days to mourn the death of their family member or friend.

Is Bereavement Leave Compulsory for Companies in the United States?

Granting bereavement leave to employees is not mandatory, at least not according to any law. Companies make plans for bereavement leave as a way of supporting their employees. Some companies call it compassionate leave. 

No law makes it compulsory for brands in the United States to release their employees for bereavement leave. A grieving employee can rarely be efficient at work, to say nothing of the emotional cloud she may bring that can affect other team members’ performance.

Do you have to Show a Death Certificate to Publix for Bereavement Leave?

Publix’s bereavement policy does not require you to tender any certificate before taking bereavement leave. But it will be easy for your manager to find out the truth if you lie about losing someone.

Whose Death Counts for a Bereavement Leave?

At Publix, bereavement leave can be sought if the deceased person is your spouse, child, parent, parent-in-law, foster parent, step-child, foster child, foster parent, or legal guardian. Most, if not all, other friends and family members do not count in the bereavement leave consideration. To be sure though, you have to speak with your management team to clarify your specific circumstance.

How to Ask for Bereavement Leave?

If you lose someone close to you, the bereavement leave will give you more time to grieve your loss and help your healing process. The bereavement leave is too short a window to heal, but it can help kick-start the process. Besides, it will give your team members the right atmosphere to cover for you, but how do you apply for bereavement leave?

Understanding your company’s bereavement policy will help you maximize the grieving period and prevent any problems at work. The good thing is that most employees understand the need for their workers to take some days off to process their emotions and grieve their loved ones. 

Take advantage of this offer to discuss the terms and conditions of your bereavement leave with your employer.

The steps below would help you to request bereavement leave:

Notify your employer

If you lose your loved one unexpectedly, you should notify your employer as soon as possible. But if you have a sick person that may require you to take a bereavement leave at some point, you should approach your manager. It would give them the time to plan for your possible absence. If you are lucky, your manager may grant you the opportunity to work from home so that you can spend more time with, and take care of, your loved one. 

Understand your company bereavement leave policy

Read your company’s bereavement policy. If you don’t have a copy of it, check with your manager to know how you can access it. The policy will help you understand whether your bereavement leave is separate from your regular leave entitlements or if it cuts into your paid vacation.

A clear picture of every aspect of Publix’s bereavement policy would help you know how to go plan and request your bereavement leave.

Your store manager might ask you to write a letter requesting bereavement leave. The letter would serve as a reference for the duration of your leave or anything that arises after. 


Publix grants bereavement policy to its employees for three days. Only full-time employees are eligible to claim the three days leave. Publix’s bereavement policy does not cover part-time employees, but they can speak to their store manager to grant them a day or two of unpaid leave.

Publix Bereavement Policy

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