How to get Xfinity stream on Roku?


Roku is an excellent way to stream your favorite TV shows and movies on your television, so you don’t have to pay outrageous cable or satellite TV prices to access hundreds of channels that you don’t want or need. The only problem with this is that many people aren’t aware that they can use their Xfinity service to watch shows and movies on Roku streaming devices. This article provides some information about the Xfinity stream on Roku, along with some troubleshooting advice in case things don’t go as smoothly as you would hope.

If you’re looking to ditch cable and satellite, there are a lot of great options out there today that allows you to watch your favorite shows online (and sometimes even live). If you haven’t heard of XFINITY Stream TV, it is Comcast’s new skinny bundle service. XFINITY Stream TV allows customers to stream live TV, on-demand content, and more directly onto their TVs without needing additional boxes or equipment like Apple TV or Chromecast. Let’s get started!

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How to set up your XFINITY Stream TV service

Firstly download the XFINITY Stream TV app from either Apple or Google Play. To set up your new XFINITY Stream TV service – Once downloaded, open up either one of these apps and tap Get Started. This will connect you with Comcast and give you access to several account-related options like your billing, services delivered by Comcast (if applicable), etc. Choose Sign In and enter in your email address along with a password that is memorable to you but difficult for others to guess. While all of your usernames will be filled out for you during sign-up, please create a different password than what is pre-filled!

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be taken to a screen where you can select from a variety of devices in your home (up to five total) that are ready for XFINITY Stream TV. If you have an existing X1 box, it will automatically pop up here and any other boxes/sticks that were previously connected to your account. Press Activate and wait for the device to reboot! That’s it! You now have access to all of your favorite live programming and On-Demand content anywhere there is an internet connection. 

xfinity stream on roku
xfinity stream on roku

How to get XFINITY Stream TV on your ROKU device

XFINITY Stream TV, Comcast’s live and on-demand video service, is available to its customers with Internet service. To get XFINITY Stream TV on your Roku device: 

1. Ensure that you have an XFINITY Internet connection – either Cable or DSL.

2. Download and install the XFINITY Stream TV app from your Roku device’s channel store: – For current XFINITY Internet customers – Select XFINITY Stream TV from Roku Channel Store 3.

If you have an XFINITY Internet connection, you can add XFINITY Stream TV to your Roku device. 

Follow these instructions: 

1. Select XFINITY Stream TV from your Roku channel store.

2. Enter your email address and create a password that contains no more than eight characters and at least one number (i.e., 5-10 characters).

3. Select Set up My Account; then, follow all setup prompts to activate the streaming service on your Roku device and television!

4. After installation is complete, go back to the channel store on your Roku device and select Videos > XFINITY On Demand or Movies > Showtime Anytime to start watching movies, shows, or sports events immediately!

Choose from thousands of movies and shows available instantly.

Watch live TV and a growing library of content, including hit movies, full seasons of favorite shows, and original programming such as Shudder Original Movies. The Roku Channel showcases new and emerging entertainment available for streaming in one convenient destination. With access to over 250,000 movies and TV episodes across thousands of free or paid channels in addition to Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO GO, and HBO NOW, there’s always something great to watch with Xfinity.


Xfinity is a great company, and its streaming service, Xfinity Stream, offers a lot of value. It might even be cheaper than your Netflix subscription—and you can cancel whenever you want. Even if it’s not as robust as other services, it’s still a good option for cord-cutters.

The best part? You don’t have to sign a contract! Plus, Comcast promises that if you’re unsatisfied with your service, they won’t charge you any early termination fees.


What you’ll need to get started with XFINITY Stream TV streaming?

Ensure you have an XFINITY Internet-enabled device (Roku, Xbox One, Samsung or Sony Smart TV/Blu-ray player, etc.) and log in with your XFINITY credentials. Add a new account for XFINITY Stream TV. Start streaming!

Is it possible to watch Xfinity for free on Roku?

In short, no. If you’re an Xfinity subscriber, you can access a ton of content through Comcast’s Xfinity TV platform—but it isn’t available as a native app. Unfortunately, that means there are some limitations to what you can watch: In addition to only being able to stream on Roku within your home network if you want to watch outside of your home network or in high definition, you’ll need an HDHomeRun Prime tuner.

Why is it that I can’t watch Xfinity on my Roku?

If the Xfinity stream isn’t working on Roku, try using an HDMI cable and checking the batteries in the Roku control. Try restarting Roku as well. Contact customer service if nothing else works.

How to get Xfinity stream on Roku?

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