About Hyundai Tire Warranty


Here is a brief introduction on warranty before getting into the topic “About Hyundai Tire Warranty”. A warranty is a legal agreement issued to the buyer of a product by the manufacturer to repair or replace part or whole of the product in case of damage caused based on the conditions given by the manufacturers. 

In case of any damage to the product, the buyer has to contact the manufacturer of the product for more information on how, where,  and when the product will be repaired or damaged and also for the manufacturer to assess the cause of the damage to check whether it is covered in the warranty. 

Hyundai offers its tire customers a warranty for the Hyundai tires purchased. The tire warranty covers a given time and specific causes of the damages as stipulated in the warranty. Once the customer purchases a Hyundai Tire, they are given two copies of the warranty certificate which they have to sign on both to keep one and the other is kept by Hyundai.   

about hyundai tire warranty

Why buy Hyundai tires? 

The following are the reasons that make customers purchase tires from Hyundai. 

  • The customer does not incur any cost during the warranty claim of a tire in case of damage. This is as long as the tire is still within the warranty period and the cause of the damage is covered under the warranty. 
  • During the time of purchase of the tire, a customer is given a choice to choose the type of warranty plan they would like to pick for their tire and the period which can go up to five years.  
  • The customer purchasing a tire in Hyundai is given an option of paying for the tire monthly if they are not able to pay for it at once. This makes it cheaper for a customer with no ready money at the moment but would love to have a new tire that also has a warranty.

Benefits of Hyundai tire warranty 

The customers buying tires from Hyundai enjoy the following benefits from the warranty they receive. 

  • Hyundai gives its customers an unlimited number of damage occurrences to report or mileage covered by the tire as long as the tire is within the warranty period and the damage to the tire is under what is covered in the warranty conditions. 
  • A customer with a damaged tire forced to tow their cars to the nearest service center is reimbursed up to $100 of the towing fee by Hyundai. Before towing the car, the customer has to report the damage to Hyundai who then approves the customer to tow their vehicle and later reimburse the customer. 
  • If the customers’ car wheels and rims damage are due to covered road hazards in the warranty, they will be replaced. In case the causes of the damage are not covered the customer has to incur the cost of replacement. 
  •  In case of tire damage, a customer car is repaired in any of the large networks of service centers that have a relationship with Hyundai providing convenience to customers who do have to plan how to get to a service center far away from their locations just to be served. 
  •  Hyundai tire warranty is transferable to a private party if a customer is interested in reselling their car increasing their car resale value. 


Hyundai tire warranty does not cover all the tire damages that might occur. Some of the damages are excluded as noted below. 

  • Hyundai tire warranty does not cover tire damages that are due to vandalism. Hence, if a car is vandalized and a tire is damaged, the customer will have to incur the cost of repair or replacement of the tire. 
  • Hyundai tire warranty does not cover any cosmetic damage on the tire. In case of any cosmetic damage, the customer will have to pay for repair or replacement caused by the damage.   
  • The warranty only covers tires with tread depths more than 3/32” and the tire warranty has to be within the warranty period. If tread depth is less than 3/32”, the customer will be forced to incur the cost. 


Before a customer buys any tire, they need to be well informed of the existence of the warranty, what is covered, what are the benefits, and what components of tire damage are excluded in the warranty. The customer should also be informed of means of communication with Hyundai in case of damage and the locations of service centers with relationship to Hyundai. 

The information given to the customers is very important as it helps to reduce the conflicts that might arise when the damage occurs and reduce the turn-around time that it will take for the customer to get their tire repaired or replaced. This ensures the customer is satisfied with the services offered and can refer more customers to buy Hyundai tires.  

About Hyundai Tire Warranty

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