How to get Unlimited Hotspot Data MetroPCS?


A Hotspot is a physical location where people may obtain Internet access. People can use Wi-Fi technology, via a wireless local-area network (WLAN) using a router connected to an Internet service provider. A hotspot has many uses or benefits also. A Public Hotspot is used for business or work. A Private hotspot is one in which people can use the Hotspot via smartphones internet. Metropcs is a T-Mobile service that adjusts the Data Plans. So, how to get unlimited hotspot data MetroPCS?

How to get Unlimited Hotspot Data MetroPCS?


Metropcs offers you a hotspot even for free also. MetroPCS is very popular in the market. Go to google and type in the Aptoide Foxfi key. After that, select the first one, which you see on your screen that is a Foxfi Key(supports PdaNet) Aptoide. 

Install the Apk on your device by clicking on the Install button. It is an Apk so it will download the app on your device. Go to your files or downloads option on your device, and click on Install to install the app. 

Open the Aptoide on your device. Once, the Apk is opened, it should download the Foxfi key on its own but, if it doesn’t, you have to search it by clicking on the search icon. Search the Foxfi Key, click on the first one again. 

After that, Install it. Now go to your mobile settings and click on the Apps button. Go ahead and find PdaNet on the Apps section and click on that option. You have to clear your cache and data. Once you have accomplished that, open the Foxfi key. 

Now you can see it’s unlocked the full version. If you want a free version for every five megabytes, you have to activate it. After that, Activate the Wi-Fi Hotspots, click on the three dots on the upper part of your screen, and click on the run proxy. 

You can set these settings on your computer also, and once you will set this, it will automatically bypass using any Mobile Hotspot data. You would have an unlimited high-speed mobile hotspot. Now you can have free unlimited hotspot data from MetroPCS.


Hotspot means when your phone instead of using Wi-Fi in your house, your phone is acting as the router, and it’s sending out the Internet to other devices. The other device wants your password to connect your Internet or Hotspot on their cell phone through Wi-Fi. A hotspot is useful for us. People can use hotspots everywhere.

For example- If someone wants an Internet connection then, they can get the internet connection by someone’s cell phone but first, they need to open their internet connection and hotspot connection because of that another person can simply use their Internet via WiFi.



The price is very affordable and reasonable. People can use 5GB of Hotspot data and use Google One on 100GB. If people add both the two lines then, they can get the plan at $80 only.


STEP 1:- Go to the Settings option on your device.

STEP 2:- Click on the Tethering function on your device settings Function.

STEP 3:- Turn on the Mobile Hotspot. If it’s your first time, your screen shows a pop-up notification. You can simply click OK on it.

STEP 4:- You can name your network so, click on configure Mobile Hotspot. Click on the security camera and Scroll down, and there you can create your password. Click on the Save button.


Hotspot gives many benefits like, if someone needs an Internet because their Internet is not working later, they can connect the Internet through Wi-Fi. The person who gives their Hotspot to use the Internet has to turn on their mobile data first. After that, they have to on their Hotspot so, another person can find the device by opening their Wi-Fi option to connect it to their device. 

If another person has set a password on their Hotspot then, they need a password to connect the Hotspot through Wi-Fi from another person. It is an easy way to connect hotspots, and the Internet also works well on both devices. Metropcs is used for T-Mobile services which automatically adjust the Plans of the Hotspot. It is an easy method to use a Hotspot on MetroPCS.


1. Is it necessary to keep the data on when we give a Hotspot to someone?

Yes, it is necessary to keep your data on when you give a Hotspot to someone, or else the Internet or Hotspot will disconnect.

2. Is it easy to get unlimited Hotspot data on MetroPCS?

Yes, it is easy to get unlimited Hotspot data on MetroPCS.

3. Does MetroPCS have any plans?

Yes, MetroPCS has plans also.

4. Is the Hotspot useful for us?

Yes, the Hotspot is very useful for all of us.

How to get Unlimited Hotspot Data MetroPCS?

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