Zoetis Loyalty Program-Know more

The current trend to booster businesses is introducing loyalty programs. You know that clients/customers generally love to be appreciated and valued. Such give them a sense of belonging; therefore, they will patronize you more and refer new clients/customers to you. Several businesses and companies have started instituting several forms of loyalty programs to reward their customers, of which Zoetis company is not left out. This article will discuss the loyalty program organized by Zoetis. The following paragraph will explain the ‘Zoetis Loyalty Program’.

Zoetis Loyalty Program-Know more

Zoetis is one of the largest drug companies in the world that produce drugs and vaccines for pets and it is located in America. Zoetis provides a loyalty program to enable pet owners to save money towards their pet care at veterinary clinics. The loyalty program is named Zoetis Petcare Rewards. 

This program enables pet owners to earn and redeem points and those points can be used at any Zoetis eligible veterinary clinics to buy any veterinary products or services. The company provides its customers with a mastercard called Zoetis Petcare Rewards Mastercard. One of the company’s goals is to provide the necessary support to its customers and promote animal health globally. Let us consider how to enjoy this wonderful offer from Zoetis.

Necessary Steps to join, earn and redeem at Zoetis Petcare Rewards Program

Step 1- Create a Zoetis account: Go to the Zoetis website at Zoetispetcare.com/rewards and sign up by creating your username and password and other necessary information. Or you can enroll through a Zoetis sales representative. 

Step 2- Sign in: With the username and password you have created you can now sign in to access the features available for you. You can now get access to the savings platform of Zoetis.

Step 3- Earn:  You can now start earning points and other exclusive offers. Another interesting thing is that you will be able to get business support and offers. Your points will count whenever you buy products and submit them within two months.

Step 4- Redeem: As your points accumulate to 100 points, you can now redeem with your Zoetis Petcare Reward Mastercard. You can also customize your account by going to “Settings” in your account and selecting “Redeem points for money automatically once it is 100 points’ ‘ with your Mastercard. Then, you can purchase any veterinary products or services with your redeemed points.

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to Zoetis customers that have joined the Zoetis Petcare reward program.

  1. The account holder is only allowed to earn points when he/she buys a product from veterinary stores in the United States as prescribed by a licensed veterinarian.
  2. The earned points validity is dependent only if acquired by the company’s description. However, points earned become invalid if acquired through unapproved means as stated by the company.
  3. To earn points as approved by Zoetis company, the account holder must submit an invoice of the product purchased from approved Zoetis Petcare stores to the Zoetis Petcare website or through the mail. The information that is required to be in the content of the invoice includes pet’s name, pet’s owner’s name, participating Zoetis product name, product details as approved by the veterinary doctor such as dosage, strength, and quantity, and the name of the veterinary doctor that prescribed the product.
  4. The receipts/invoices must be sent within two months (60) from the date the product was purchased.
  5. To redeem points, the earned points must sum up to 100 points in the account Holders account.
  6. The account is entitled to request Zoetis Petcare Rewards Mastercard. Also, the account holder can be able to request a reloadable card that will have the earned points converted to dollars once the points become redeemable, that is 100 points (10 dollars).
  7. If an account holder fails to follow the due process during enrollment, the account may not be issued a card, as Zoetis company has the sole discretion to issue and withdraw their cards at any time 

Bottom Line

Zoetis is one of the leading Petcare companies in the world. To retain customers, attract customers, promote businesses and promote animal life, they have a loyalty program called Zoetis Petcare Reward Program. This program allows Pet owners to earn and redeem points that will help them buy products at veterinary clinics or even convert their points to dollars. To join this program, require simple steps, but, terms and conditions are applied.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How many points are equivalent to a dollar at Zoetis Petcare Program?

Ten points are equivalent to one dollar. However, you will only be allowed to redeem when your points amount to 100 points (10 dollars).

  1. What is the eligibility to join Zoetis Petcare Program?

Individuals that are up to 18 years or more are eligible to participate.




Zoetis Loyalty Program-Know more

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