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Kroger company

The Kroger Company is a public type retail industry in America. The company was founded in 1883 and headquartered in Ohio, United States of America. In this article we are going discuss about the kroger return policy-read on

Kroger return policy

Stores of Kroger across the world:

According to the data of 2019, Kroger company has around 2800 stores and operates in 35 states around the world.

Kroger company deals in:

  • Dairy and eggs
  • Pantry products
  • Frozen products
  • Cleaning and household essentials
  • Meat and seafood 
  • Snacks and candies
  • Spices and baking 
  • Personal care products 
  • Beverages and condiments

Offers at Kroger:

Kroger Company has various offers and deals in their stores like coupons, buy two get one free, gift vouchers. 

Return Policy at Kroger:

Kroger company possesses an easy way to return products to customers. The duration for return and exchange varies from one product to another. 

The conditions for returning an item are:

  • Maintenance of original condition of the product
  • The original packaging should prevail
  • The original receipt should be with the customer

Defective items returning at Kroger:

A defective item is an item that has a kind of imperfection from the manufacturer’s side and is not known to the customer when he is purchasing it. The exchange is done when the defect is informed within 30 days and it has all the original packaging intact. 

Damaged or dented products get exchanged for the same product. 

Ways in which items can be returned:

  • Returning the product to the store:

The first step includes finding the nearest Kroger store and knowing that the store is open. The next step would be visiting the store with the item to be returned and the money receipt.

  • Returning the product through email:

If you have purchased the items online, then you can return the items through email. The first step will be logging in to your account and selecting the item which you want to return. Give the reason for returning it, and select whether you want a refund or exchange. 

Print the return shipping label on the package and ship it to the address provided on the shipping label by using any courier service. As soon as the company receives it, they will check the validity and process the refund or exchange.

Return policy at Kroger with receipt:

When a person purchases an item from Kroger, they get a receipt from the store that comes in two forms.

Paper receipt

  • The paper receipt is given to the customer in paper mode and given to those who made payments in cash.

Digital receipt:

  • The digital receipt is given to those customers who made payments through an online payment system.

Return policy at Kroger without a receipt:

If a customer has purchased items above 10 dollars, they will receive a Kroger Co. Family of Stores Merchandise Gift Card and the return slip should be signed by the concerned customer who is returning the item. 

If a customer has purchased an item under 10 dollars, then they will receive cash for the items they have returned.

WIC Returns at Kroger:

Kroger Company does not give a refund for those items that were purchased with WIC. If any item was bought through WIC, then only an exchange option is given to the customer, to exchange for the same item. 

Return of certain products which are governed by law:

  • Baby Formula Returns: To get the item exchanged or money refunded the customer should have the receipt. If the baby formula was purchased through WIC, then no refund is processed but can be exchanged for the exact item.
  • Beer, Wine, Tobacco, and Alcohol return, refund, and exchange are governed by local law.

Refund of money: 

Refunds get done through the same method the customer used while purchasing the item from the store.

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • SNAP Card
  • EBT Card


The article gives every piece of information about the Kroger store return policy. Kroger store has an easy and well-established return policy. Customers can return their items either in the store or through the mail (if the customer has purchased the product online). The company has the norm to return and exchange defective items, and items can be returned with or without a receipt. The refund is generated after the company checks the validity and eligibility. If you return the item in the store then the refund is done immediately and if you mailed them about the return then it takes up to seven to ten days.


  • Can the return be processed without a price receipt?

    Yes, the product can be returned with or without a price receipt.

  • What is the time range for returning the item?

    The return time limit is thirty days.

  • Is original packaging necessary to return the item?

   Yes, the store accepts the product only if the original packaging is intact and retained. 

Kroger return policy – know more

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