Does stanley steemer clean car seats?-read to know


Stanley Steemer is a name that one must have heard for sure. It is one of the most famous companies known for its cleaning services in both residential and commercial areas. Well, it also provides restoration services and has been in the business of cleaning since 1947.Does stanley steemer clean car seats?

How much does Stanley Steemer charge for carpet cleaning?

If you own a car then, you know how dirty your car seats can be. From small stains to big stains, your car seat has seen it all. And if you are reading this article to know if Stanley Steemer cleans car seats then, you are at the right place!

Does Stanley Steemer clean car seats?

  • Cars are one of the most used vehicles. It is also one of the dirtiest if not cleaned properly from time to time. Stanley Steemer understands this and thus provides car cleaning services too. 
  • The technicians of Stanley Steemer can extract all the old and new dirt from your car seats. They use hot water extraction and other techniques to make your car look completely new.
  • Even if the stains are old and you have tried all those shampoos, soaps, vinegar solutions and are still unable to get rid of them, you can rest assured because Stanley Steemer can surely pull it out.
  • Not only car seats, but you also can get your whole car cleaned. The technicians will pull out every last particle of dust and leave your car shining and new.
  • The process followed by technicians to clean your vehicle is-

        1. They will first of all identify the problem areas. It will include assessing the stains, spots, etc on your car seats.

        2. Hot water extraction is then used to get rid of all the stains. They also ensure that your car isn’t damaged in any way so relax!

  • That’s all, and your car will look as good as new. 
  • Moreover, if you are unsatisfied with their work, you can call their customer care. They will make sure that their technicians visit you again and if you don’t want that, a refund is also possible.

How does Stanley Steemer protect your investment?

  • Everybody knows that cars are bought from hard-earned money. And no one likes to spend money on cleaning or buying new car seats every few months.
  • Stanley Steemer takes great pride in its work and has tried to get rid of this problem as well. If you want to protect your car seats and make them look new in the long run without spending too much then, ask Stanley Steemer’s technicians to use their magic!
  • They will use these two things-

     1. Protector– As its name says, it is a protector. By using this on your car seats or carpets, you can extend your investment’s life.

     2. Enzyme– Car seats are one of those things which turn smelly quite quickly. So, ask the technician to use enzymes on them to get rid of the bacteria creating a foul smell.

  • These two things can protect your vehicle from quick car seat changes, odors that make you feel bad while giving someone a lift, etc. 
  • So get these done and see the result for yourself!

Is it worth calling Stanley Steemer for cleaning car seats?

  • Stanley Steemer has been cleaning carpets, cars, floors, tiles, everything for quite a long time. It is filled with a team of experienced workers who try their best to make your things look completely fresh and new.
  • It is one of the best options if you want to get your car cleaned thoroughly. You can book your appointment and get cleaned multiple things.
  • In case you are not satisfied, you can ask for a second visit from them. You can also check reviews online about their cleaning services and see for yourself.
  • In our opinion, you will be in safe hands so it is worth it. Getting your car seats cleaned from them will cost less than buying new ones! Rest the decision is yours.


Stanley Steemer is a popular name, and it’s wonderful work has got them many loyal customers in both commercial and residential areas. It cleans rugs, carpets, floors, car seats, etc.

Cleaning car seats is a hassle and can be difficult when you are always busy. Even if you get time to clean them, you remain unsatisfied and Stanley Steemer can solve this problem. Book your appointment with their best technicians and get your car cleaned! 

Some FAQs about Stanley Steemer-

1. Does Stanley Steemer clean the car floors?

Ans- Yes, they clean car floors and take those stubborn stains out too.

2. How can I book an appointment with Stanley Steemer?

Ans- You can call 1-800-STEEMER to look for bookings.

3. Do you tip Stanley Steemer’s technicians?

Ans- It is not necessary but, if you loved their work then you can surely tip them.

4. How does Stanley Steemer clean car seats?

Ans- Stanley Steemer cleans car seats with its hot water extraction technique.

Does stanley steemer clean car seats?-read to know

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