Day: March 3, 2022

Can We Return Paint at Home Depot?

The largest home improvement retailer in the US, Home Depot sells various home supplies from kitchen sets to various other supplies. It also sells paints in various colors and for various uses such as interior paint, exterior paint, concrete paint, spray paint, etc. If you accidentally bought the wrong shade and want to exchange it […]

Oaks Loyalty Program-Know more

Let’s learn about ‘Oaks Loyalty Program’ in this article. Oaks Hotels, Resorts, and Suits is a business chain of hotels started in Australia in 1991. Oaks is a subsidiary of Minor-International PLC. Minor International is a multi-national hospitality and leisure firm based in Bangkok, Thailand. Oaks  Group has become a chain of hotels operating in […]

What credit bureau does CarMax use?-Know more

CarMax, a car retail company, was founded 27 years ago, in September 1993, in Richmond, Virginia, United States. As per the record of May 2021, CarMax has opened in 41 states, over 225 locations with 27,000 + associates in the United States. This company sells both new and used vehicles and acquired its first new […]

People’s jewellers return policy-read to know

Introduction: People’s jewellers are one of the largest retail stores in Canada. It is one of the oldest Jewellery stores. It was founded in 1919. At present, the parent company of the firm is the US Zales Corporation. Zales Corporation is a jewellery retailer based in America. It was started in the year 1993. The […]

‌Radar tire warranty – know more

Introduction:  One of the highest performance tires in the United States of America, radar achieves the standards of every consumer. The company has been producing its world’s leading high-quality tires for the global market since 2006. It has also invented its first carbon-free tire brand in the world. Thus the products offered by Radar is […]

Does Zaxby’s do Cashback?-Know more

Zaxby’s is a restaurant franchise based in Georgia, The United States, started in 1990.  Zaxby’s is a fast-casual restaurant chain. It has operations mainly in the US and Canada. Zaxby’s operates in more than 670 locations in the US. Before, it was known under the name Zaxby’s Operating CompanyLP. The founders are Zach McLeroy and […]

L.L.Bean-Know More

An American-based Private retail company, L.L.Bean, was established by Leon Leonwood Bean in 1912. It is prevalent among people for its specialization in outdoor recreation equipment and clothing. CEO of L.L.Bean has been Mr. Stephen Smith since January 2016 till date. More than 6,438 employees and L.L.Bean’s annual revenue was 159 crores USD in 2019.  […]

O2 Loyalty Program- Know more

O2 was established to shake things up the outdated routine sale and discounts industry by providing new, fantastic experiences as well as discounts that were almost 25 percent as a result, superior to the competition from companies that didn’t ordinarily discount. Only with help of customer analytics and study, O2 was able to pinpoint certain points […]

Does Razer accept Affirm?-Know More

A Singapore-based American Multinational Company, Razer is well-known for its business in technology; Razer is famous for its financial services, develops, designs gaming, sells consumer electronics, etc. It was founded in 1998 on 2nd January, almost 24 years ago. Mr. Min-Liang Tan, and Mr, Robert Krakoff were responsible for Razer’s establishment. Recently Razer has launched a […]

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