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One of the highest performance tires in the United States of America, radar achieves the standards of every consumer. The company has been producing its world’s leading high-quality tires for the global market since 2006. It has also invented its first carbon-free tire brand in the world. Thus the products offered by Radar is consumer-friendly, environmentally friendly and safe to achieve the best driving experience. Lets learn about Radar tire warranty.

Vision works

Their tires ranges in between the width of 155 mm-295 mm along within a size range of 14 inches to 21 inches. It provides a large variety of tires fit for all seasons, to deliver a smooth functioning of the vehicle. 

It is one of the flagship brands under Omni United in the market. 

Some of its best selling tires delivering high mileage, comfort and a smooth ride includes; 

  • Renegade RT+
  • Rivera Pro 2
  • Diamax R8+
  • Radar RPX800
  • Renegade AT5

Warranty policy radar tire warranty

Defects coverage: 

All of it warranty period against defects in materials or workmanship. It has warranty coverage within the first 12 months if any defect is found. Warranty is also available until the 2/32” of original tread life.  

Credit calculation: 

The consumers are responsible for the additional charges including mounting or taxes. The credits are calculated as the percentage of tread depth in the tire. This is done only within the first 60 months from the date of manufacturing. 

The cost of replacement will be estimated using the formula below. If the treadwear warranty is granted, the owner is liable for the cost of replacement, mounting and balancing, and any relevant taxes. The cost of replacement will be determined as follows:

Consumer Replacement Cost

(Tire Mileage at the time of claim/ Warranted mileage of the tire) X (Radar’s selling price to the wholesaler For the replacement tires)

Mileage tread coverage:

  • If a tire’s “useful tread life” expires before the stated mileage guarantee, the consumer will be given a prorated replacement ie. The consumer will be responsible for a portion of the replacement cost. 
  • All tyres must be rotated at least every 6,000 to 8,000 miles to preserve the treadwear warranty. 
  • The mileage warranty is void if you don’t rotate or don’t keep good records.
  • Road hazards warranty: 
    • This warranty covers non-repairable damages like bruises, cuts, snags and impact breaks. 
    • Covered tyres will be available for replacement within two years of purchase or if the tyre reaches its first 50 per cent of useable tread depth. 
    • If a road hazard damage happens within the first 12 months of ownership, or within the first 2/32” of ownership, a replacement will be made free of cost.
    • Mounting or any other additional costs like balancing or taxes, must be born fully by the customer. 
  • 30-days guarantee: 

The Radar 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee applies to certain Radar brand ranges. If the consumer is not satisfied with his/her purchase within the first 30days, then the company offers replacement guarantees. You can exchange the tires with a new set of tires from the same brand or a different brand of Radar. Proof for eligibility must be shown to replace the item.  

It is necessary to replace the winter tyres with a new pair of winter tyres. All applicable taxes, including mounting and balancing costs, are paid by the owner. If you want to switch for a more expensive pair of Radar tyres, you must pay the difference between the original purchase price and the upgraded price, including delivery and any relevant taxes. This satisfaction guarantee is only valid for the original purchaser of a new set of four Radar brand passenger tyres, not for the tyres delivered under this guarantee.

  • Old tires: 

Tires all go through age degradation, which is when their physical and chemical qualities deteriorate over time. Tire failure can occur as a result of ageing. Radar recommends that tyres (Y replacements) be removed from service and replaced 10 years after their manufacturing date, regardless of tread depth or useable condition, to avoid age-related problems. Examining the DOT code on the tyre sidewall or consulting a tyre service specialist can help identify the age of the tyre.

  • Third-party importers: 

Consumers must not purchase tires from any third-party sellers. Some sellers on Amazon.com, eBay.com, Craigslist, and other online marketplaces may not be authorised Radar tyre retailers. Unauthorized importers or merchants may sell tyres that have previously been used or that have been stored improperly. It may be illegal to purchase products from any third party consumers. Therefore, it is always advisable to purchase high-quality tires from only the official websites or at the official stores. 

Conclusion for radar tire warranty: 

Radar tires are trustworthy and reliable. They offer premium quality tires and is worth investing in. Every customer is satisfied with their purchase. Their goods are well-known and widely used all around the world. Radar tires are a great option for your vehicle’s.

‌Radar tire warranty – know more

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