Directv vs Dish- Know more

Directv vs Dish

Since the 21st century, new inventions have been bombarding human life on an unprecedented scale. The past few years have put OTT platforms as frontrunners of viewers’ time and their main source of income. In an already competitive market to attract the viewers’ attention, Directv vs Dish tv enters the market space. The Dish being comparatively older than Direct tv has the first-mover advantage. People know more about it and have had it in their homes for a long time. Direct tv however only became known in 1994 and since then acquired quite significant customers of its own.

Dish and DIRECTV differ from each other in terms of channels, fees, 4K content, channels, packages, DVR equipment, and NFL Sports ticket.  If compared to Direct Tv, the dish is much cheaper than it is contemporary and offers entertainment in the cheapest range. 

What Is A Dish And How Does It Work?

Dish tv was first started in the 1980s. In 2011 it started acquiring all the bankrupt companies to expand its growth like DBSD and TerreStar. The dish tv is anywhere between 90$ to 104$ in the USA. The Dish Tv is accompanied by a satellite dish offered by the company. Similar to a radio, the satellite receives signals through its antenna. The received signal is then processed to display the available channels. The receiver comes in the form of either a set-top box or TV tuner.

What Is Direct TV And How Does It Work?

Direct Tv started its services in the USA in 1996. It projects itself as a multichannel package offering its viewers the option to choose in high definition. It broadcasts both on satellite television as well as on Direct Tv stream band, similar to a streaming service. Being in the market for just above 20 years, it has managed to acquire close to 16 million paid subscribers. To gain an edge over its competitors, it launched 4K TV in 2014. The users could now download and rent films or television using their set-top box for a small price.

Comparison Between Direct TV And Dish TV?

ContentDish TVDirect TV
PricingThe lowest package is 65$ per month. The highest package is for 100$ per month.The lowest prices package is 76$ per month. The highest package is 150 $ per month.
ChannelsRanging from 190- 300Ranging from 160 – 350+
Installation FeesCurrently, both have more or less the same fees for installation. 99$ for 7 monthsCurrently, both have more or less the same fees for installation. 99$ for 7 months
Monthly subscription70-100$60-100$
DVR EquipmentThe dish has better DVR equipment. Can record up to 16 shows at a timeHas weak DVR equipment compared to the dish? Records only 5 shows at a time
4K content Both have 4K channels but dish tv has slightly weaker 4K options compared to Direct tv4K channels of direct tv are strong. It has more than 4K channels and is in HD format
NFL Sunday TicketDish TV lacks an NFL Sunday ticket channel, which is important to every NFL sports loverDirect Tv has exclusive rights to broadcast the NFL Sunday channel in the USA
International ChannelsDish TV broadcasts around 28 international channels in the USA in different languages, giving viewers a variety of choicesDirect Tv only offers eight international channels to its viewers.

Whose Customer Service Is Better-Dish TV Or Direct TV?

The customers of both Direct Tv and Dish Tv have their fair share of issues with the service providers. However, in terms of customer service, Direct Tv emerges as the clear winner. Both Dish Tv and Direct TV have a 24/7 helpline number available. Moreover, in terms of resolving issues, Direct TV was both quick, and efficient in problem-solving while DISH TV was comparatively slower in resolving issues related to satellite transmission and questions on prices and packages.

Nowadays dish tv also has built-in smart tv wherein OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and Alexa can be connected. Direct tv on the other hand has the NFL Sunday channel which Dish tv lacks. It also includes all the channels like HBO, Fox, ABC, etc. in high definition. However, it comes along with a two-year contract wherein you have to renew it afterward.


In an era where OTT platforms are taking over the already crowded entertainment market, Dish TV and Direct TV both are struggling to retain their customers. In the pivotal tilt over OTT platforms, both Dish and Direct TV are eager to adapt, change and introduce new customer-friendly services to their viewers. If compared both dish and direct have more or less the same service options apart from one or two minimal differences. It depends totally on the viewer, how he/she views TV and what suits him the most.


Q. Does Dish Have An NFL Sunday Channel?

No. Dish does not have an NFL Sunday channel.

Q. Which Service Offers A Better 4k Channel?

Direct TV offers more than 4K channels-around 16 channels.

Directv vs Dish- Know more

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