Does GOAT Accept Affirm Financing?

GOAT refers to The “Greatest Of All Time” as an online marketplace for sneakers. It is a marketplace for both buyers and sellers and provides high-quality sneakers. They do not sell replicas and also offer cleaning services for used sneakers that are sold on this platform. People who want to purchase sneakers online can also virtually try them using an app so the buyers can easily look out what is best for them or how it looks on their feet. Each sneaker offered on GOAT goes through a verification test wherein a team inspects the whole lot from shoes sticking and emblem to its texture. This helps to build buyers’ trust in them so they can purchase more products from their site and prefer this to others. To know “Does GOAT Accept Affirm Financing?” read the article to the end.

Does GOAT Accept Affirm Financing?

What is Affirm and How to use it?

They also offer to affirm, which means “items buy now and pay later.” Affirm enables buyers to pay for a product via debit card, check and offers a payment plan, I.e., three, six, or twelve months. After selecting the product, there comes an option for “affirm” at the time of check out. A person needs to provide information related to name, addresses, and more. Affirm can offer interest rates that vary from 10%-30%. Affirm brings honesty and clarity.

Features of GOAT

  • It is authentic as the sneakers are well verified by both the photographers and by the GOAT employees, and then the product is listed for sale.
  • It provides a refund to the buyers to gain their trust.
  • It is creating its place in the global market by making it available to every customer.
  • It provides pricing transparency as sellers list the price of sneakers, and buyers can see all the listed sneakers.
  • They provide cleaning services for used sneakers to help increase their value, and buyers can buy them without any hesitation.
  • It also provides a mobile app for easy purchasing.

Return and Refund Policy

  • GOAT provides a three days return policy from the date of receiving the item.
  • It accepts the return on the products that are in their original condition.
  • They do not accept “Return” or “Refund” on products that are listed as “Final Sale.”

Process of Return

  • The product must include the return tag and a packing slip provided by GOAT, and if it’s not available, then the product cannot be returned.
  • The product should be in its original condition, the way it was being sent.
  • Objects should be returned within three days, and the assessment procedure takes as much as seven days. As soon as the product is returned, a refund might be initiated.
  • If the order request does not approve and if the buyer does not respond within 14 days or if the buyer does not pay within 14 days, then the item will be consigned on the buyer’s behalf, and the listing will be activated at the same price.

Purchase with Local Currency

An International buyer can purchase an item in their local currency or the US dollar.

  1. If someone opts to pay in local currency, then GOAT will display an offer in the local currency at the time of check out.
  2. If someone returns the product that was purchased in local currency, then the refund will also be initiated in the local currency.
  3. GOAT does not take any responsibility for the foreign exchange rate because the prices keep fluctuating, and because of this reason, some payment methods may be excluded.

Payment Method

If someone purchases an item in the US, then the payment method includes American Express, JCB, Mastercard, and Visa. Other payment methods include Google pay, Apple pay, Pay Pal, and GOAT also accept Affirm financing (the US only).

Cancellation of Order

If someone has purchased sneakers, then the order has to be canceled within 3 hours of placing it. If 3 hours are over, then one cannot cancel the order they have placed. A person can’t cancel the order if it’s miles established via the seller. If the order is canceled after they have been charged, then the refund will be initiated.

Next Day Shipping

Next-day shipping is available for instant items. Instant items are those items that are authentic and verified and are ready to sell the next day. Instant items are available to buyers who are located nearby.

Non-Shipped Items

If the item is returned without being delivered, then the item will be placed into GOAT Storage.


GOAT does accept Affirm Financing. GOAT is the best option for those people who want to purchase an item but want to pay afterward. They sell tested and clean footwear to the clients and offer quality expenses. Their payment method is very flexible, and this site or app is best for both the buyers and sellers as people can see their sneakers on this site, and in return, the team verifies the sneakers and cleans them so that another person can buy them. GOAT saw a surge in its sales after providing the “Affirm” option.

Does GOAT Accept Affirm Financing?

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