Amazon firestick keeps disconnecting-read to know

Amazon Firestick is a device that allows you to stream all the android applications on your television set. By connecting an Amazon Firestick to your TV, you can watch videos, movies, shows, photos, play games, etc., on your big television screen. Those who use Firestick know how worthy it is. But what if the Firestick suddenly stopped working effectively? What if amazon firestick keeps disconnecting after every short run? 

Amazon Firestick may get disconnected from your TV for several reasons. Loss of internet connection and poor connectivity are the major reasons for continuous disconnection. However, these problems are not big and could be easily fixed. A little technical knowledge and a few quick fixes can reconnect your Firestick with the Television. 

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Possible reasons for disconnecting 

The Amount Firestick gets disconnected from the TV whenever it loses the network connection. There might be various reasons for the loss of the network. Here we are going to look after some major reasons that can abruptly disconnect the Amazon Firestick from the television-

  • Obstacles between network and Fire Stick 

When the Wi-Fi signal doesn’t reach the Firestick in the way it was expected, Firestick gets disconnected. This might be possible because of the network hindrances that come in between a router and an Amazon Firestick. 

  • Poor internet connection 

If the internet speed is slow, Firestick will disconnect from the TV. If the network problem persists, Firestick will keep disconnecting. 

  • Older version of Fire Stick 

The old version of Firestick affects its functioning. If you haven’t updated the Firestick with the latest version, then it may create a connection problem. As a result, you will get messages of disconnection continuously. 

  • Settings of router 

Sometimes due to changes in router settings, Firestick does not get a proper internet connection. Some changes in router settings may disconnect you from accessing the Wi-Fi or can affect its speed. Monitoring of this factor also becomes important if your Amazon Firestick is continuously disconnecting. 

What could be the solution? 

If your Firestick is continuously disconnecting, you can try the following quick solutions to solve the problem-

  • Bring the network closer.

If the Firestick is continuously disconnecting, then the first hack is to correct the network. Remove the hindrance between the router and the Amazon Firestick. If possible, bring the router closer to the Firestick. So, the network speed could improve. Even after doing this, if the problem persists, contact your service provider. 

  • Reset the TV 

To correct the connection of Firestick with the TV, first of all, try restarting the TV. Sometimes when the connection wires lose, then also Firestick gets disconnected. In this situation, set off the TV and remove all the plugs. After a few minutes, connect the plugs again and restart the television set. 

  • Reset the Fire Stick 

Restarting devices can sometimes solve connection problems. If Firestick is disconnecting because of some minor issues in Firestick, it might get better once restarted. You can restart the Firestick by going to the settings option of your device. 

  • Update the Fire Stick 

If you are running the older version of Firestick, it will create various problems. Disconnection of Firestick is also one of those problems. So, if your Firestick is continuously disconnecting from the TV and you are still using the older version of it, then first of all install the latest version. You can see the system update option in the setting column of your Firestick. 

  • Do a speed test

When internet speed is slow, your Firestick will disconnect from the TV. It will keep disconnecting if the speed doesn’t improve. To know the speed of the internet, you can do a speed test. 

To perform a speed test, first, run a reconnection process of the router. Then through any speed check site, perform the speed test. If your router is continuously working slow, you need to contact the service provider. 

  • Check for LAN protocol. 

One thing you should check in your router setting is the LAN protocol. If your network is poor and Firestick is disconnecting, there might be chances that the LAN settings in the router have changed. Check for it and correct the settings to connect the Firestick. 

Conclusion for Amazon firestick keeps disconnecting:

An Amazon Fire TV Stick could be disconnecting continuously for several reasons. The disconnection is mostly related to the internet issue. Problems in the router, Wi-Fi signals, or settings of Firestick could be the reasons for disconnection. You can correct the network problem by making a few simple corrections. Updating the Firestick, changing the router settings, or solving the connection hindrance will reconnect your Firestick to the TV. 


  1. Can an Amazon Fire Stick work on a cable connection? 

Answer: Yes, a cable connection could be used with Amazon Fire Stick. It is faster than Wi-Fi. However, the Amazon Fire Stick does not have a cable port. But you can buy an Ethernet adapter to connect the Fire Stick with an Ethernet cable. 

  1. Can faults in Ethernet Cable cause continuous disconnection? 

Answer: Yes, faults in Ethernet Cable can cause continuous disconnection of Amazon Fire Stick. You can check the cable by connecting it with some other device. Change the cable or connect with the Wi-Fi if it doesn’t work.

Amazon firestick keeps disconnecting-read to know

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