Pirelli Tire Warranty- Specifications Of the Warranty

Pirelli Tire Warranty

Pirelli is a multinational tire manufacturer headquartered in Milan, Italy. Stores can be found across Europe, Latin America, North America, and other former Soviet republics. It has 19 production facilities spread over 13 countries. It has roughly 14000 distributors in its network. ChemChina expressed interest in managing the company in 2015 and pledged to keep full ownership of the company until 2023. Let’s know about Pirelli Tire Warranty.

Since 1900, the firm has sponsored sporting contests. Giovanni Battista Pirelli founded this corporation, which sells its products all over the world. It is a company that sells tires for automobiles and other vehicles. Its revenue in 2020 is expected to be around 4.3 billion euros. ChemChina and Marco Tronchetti Provera are the joint proprietors of the company. The number of employees as of 2018 is 31400. 

Pirelli tire warranty-

Yes, Pirelli offers a tire guarantee, and anyone who is the original purchaser of the tire for the vehicle can be provided with original equipment or replacement under warranty. There will be no defects in craftsmanship or materials on the tires.

Specifications of the warranty- 

Pirelli tires have a 48-month or 4-year warranty against faults in workmanship and materials from the date of production. There are various circumstances in which the tire’s damage is not covered by the guarantee. The following are examples of this:

1) The tires are moved from the vehicle where they were originally placed.

2) A third-party company has repaired the tires.

3) The tires have had material added to or removed from them.

4) The tires have been injected with anything other than air or nitrogen, such as liquid balance.

5) Tyres have been utilized in racing or other forms of motorsport.

The company’s online website-

  • The website includes driving recommendations for winter driving as well as for instructions on how to transition to summer tires. 
  • The winter tread pattern has a higher drainage level than the summer tread pattern, which reduces the risk of hydroplaning. Winter tires make it easier to drive in both dry and wet conditions. 
  • Due to cutting-edge research technology, it is also possible to drive in both snow and rain. The tires provide excellent traction stability and braking performance. It keeps track of the winter tire pressure, lifespan, and durability, among other things. 

Return and refund policy for Pirelli tires- 

  • You have 30 days from the date of purchase to return Pirelli tires. You can also return and replace the tires if you have the original purchase receipt. 
  • You must explain to the dealer why you are unhappy with the Pirelli tires in question. A copy of the Pirelli claim form must be filled out and signed. 
  • You’ll need to choose a set of tires to replace the original ones. If no replacement tires with the same tread pattern as the returned set can be found, the replacement tires will have a similar tread pattern. 
  • The removal, replacement, and mounting services provided by the dealer will be free of charge. 
  • The Pirelli claim form must be accompanied by a copy of the original purchase receipt and the replacement sale receipt.

While returning and replacing Pirelli tires, there are several restrictions and exclusions-

  • You must return the entire set of four Pirelli tires; no partial returns are permitted. 
  • You will have to pay the remaining sum to the dealer if you choose a replacement set that is more expensive than the original set. 
  • Similarly, if the replacement Tyres are less expensive than the original Tyres, the dealer will refund the difference. 
  • Tires with vibration or uniformity issues are not included in the exchange. 
  • The offer excludes the set of tires that replaces the original set.


Pirelli is a tire manufacturer that distributes car and other vehicle tires all over the world. You can also find a tire that is suited for your car on the online page after providing some information. Pirelli Tyres come with a warranty. It has a four-year warranty starting from the date of manufacturing. In some circumstances, tire repair is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Frequently asked Questions(FAQs)- 

1)Can you tell me how long a Pirelli tire will last?

Answer – The tread quality utilized determines how long a Pirelli tire lasts. Typically, a tire will cover at least 50,000 miles and will survive for at least 6 years from the date of production. Even if the tires are not damaged, they should be replaced every 10 years. You can use the guarantee to acquire a replacement if you have any problems or damage with the tire within the first year of its production.

2)What is the procedure for claiming the tread warranty?

Answer- To be eligible for the tread guarantee, the thread must be equally worn away and in the final area of the tread. You must show confirmation that the tires were used and rotated regularly. You must also present your regular service records.

Pirelli Tire Warranty- Specifications Of the Warranty

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