Amazon Cell Phone Return Policy

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Amazon is considered one of the most trusted e-commerce companies around the globe. Over the years, it has grown the business in most parts of the world. One of the reasons why people trust the company so much is its customer support services like return, replacement, and refund policies. Amazon takes the return of most of the products it sells. However, the return policy may differ from product to product. So, what is Amazon’s cell phone return policy?

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Amazon Cell Phone Return Policy

As of now, takes the return of cell phones within 30 days of delivering them. Then, after a few days of checking and other procedure, they process a refund. Amazon also sends a return label with the product it sells for ease in returning. You can return almost all the Amazon cell phones this way. However, the return policy of the phones bought from a third-party seller may differ.

Amazon cell phone return window

According to Amazon’s return policy, any cell phone could be returned within 30 days of receiving it. However, if you return it after 30 days, a 20% restocking fee is charged by Amazon. However, the decision to accept a return after 30 days of windows depends on Amazon e-commerce. Notably, a cell phone bought from a third-party seller does not come under 30 days return window.

Amazon cell phone return process

Request a cell phone return on Amazon 

As soon as, you decide to return the cell phone bought from Amazon, first of all, update it on Amazon. In your orders section, select the return item option. This option remains active till 30 days of receiving the delivery. 

Get Amazon to deliver labels. 

Amazon does not send any carrier to take back the product. You have to ship it to their location for a return. Most of the time, Amazon sends a return label with the cell phone delivery package. This label is very important for sending a return. If your delivery package doesn’t have a prepaid return label, you can download one from the return label is available at the online return center of amazon. You can also contact the customer care service of Amazon to get this prepaid label for shipping of the mobile phones. This label is applied to your package taken off for shipping. 

Do a safe and secure packaging of the item

Packaging of the item is an important step in the return process. You have to keep all the accessories and manuals you received in the box. Amazon asks buyers to return the product in its original packaging. Before, packing the cell phone, it is advisable to disconnect it from all the networks. Additionally, you should also remove the data stored in the cell phone. However, Amazon your phone will also go through a factory reset, once Amazon receives it. 

Ship the cell phone

After proper packaging of the cell phone, you can ship it for return. Amazon instructs you to ship your item with a trackable mail service. Notably, during the refund, Amazon also pays back the cost of shipping to the buyers. It does not credit you with the shipping charge before shipping.

Can I return a cell phone bought from a third-party seller at Amazon?

At Amazon, various third-party sellers can also sell their products. However, these sellers are not bounded to follow Amazon’s return policy. Normally, these third-party sellers also take the return of sold cell phones. But the return window and other policies may differ. Therefore, it is advisable to read the return policy of third-party sellers before buying the product. 

Amazon refund policy

If you returned the cell phone within 30 days of receiving it, Amazon will give you a complete refund of the cell phone. According to Amazon, a product took off for return takes up to 20 to 25 days to reach them. After receiving the cell phone, Amazon runs a factory reset of the device and begins an inspection. The refund is credited to your account only when your cell phone passes the Amazon inspection. 


Amazon takes the return of cell phones within 30 days of delivering them. You can return the cell phone for any reason during this period. However, it should not be damaged or boke by the buyer while using it. You have to ship the cell phone in proper packaging and with a label attached to it. The prepaid return label is provided by Amazon to the buyers. After receiving the package, Amazon process a return after 5 to 7 days of checking and inspecting process.


  1. Can I return the cell phone bought from Amazon after opening it?

Answer: Yes, you can easily return the cell phone after opening the box unless it is damaged due to faulty use. Otherwise, Amazon accepts the return and gives a refund.

  1. Does Amazon take the return of all the products it sells?

Answer: No, Amazon does not take the return of all the products it sells. Groceries, hazardous chemicals, some jewelry, gift cards, some health care products, open software, and other related products cannot be returned.

Amazon Cell Phone Return Policy

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