How To Watch Netflix With Friends?

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We all enjoy binge-watching movies, web series, and documentaries on Netflix, but it’s more enjoyable and memorable when it’s Netflix with friends or Netflix and chill, rather than Netflix and our loneliness. We have been unable to do so for the previous two years since we are currently in the midst of a pandemic and are confined to four walls of our home. But we’re here to help you overcome this problem; now you can watch Netflix with your friends whether you’re across the room or a mile away.

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 Netflix With Friends

How can you watch Netflix with your friends being miles apart?

All you have to do to watch Netflix with your friends is add a chrome or Microsoft edge extension to your web browser. There are a lot of them, but the most well-known, widely used, and reputable one is Teleparty (commonly known as Netflix party among its users). This extension will allow you to watch Netflix episodes with your pals from a distance.

Whether it be the eye-roll, we all did when Sheldon said “buzzing” on his own lousy jokes(The big bang theory) or the laugh we all had when Monica said, “Can I borrow your lash curler? I lost mine,” and Joye realized Chandler and Monica were together(F.R.I.E.N.D.S). The shock we all felt at “The red wedding” episode of GOT or the tears we shed when Jack died on Titanic. We felt all emotions prominently when we watched all of that with our friends. So here we are presenting you how you can still watch Netflix with your friends even if you are miles apart.

Here are enlisted 4 ways to watch Netflix with friends:-

Teleparty –

It is an extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It was formerly also known as Netflix Party. It supports not only Netflix but also Disney Plus, Hulu, and HBO.

How to create a session on telepathy:

Step 1- Select a video to play on Netflix and start playing it.

Step 2- pause the video and click the extension’s browser button

Step 3 – add your friends to the session. And enjoy.

Everyone’s playback is synchronized, which means that if one user pauses the video, everyone’s playback is paused as well. You will be given a chat window through which you can speak with your friends, however, the user name displayed in the chat window is not editable.

The main disadvantage is that as the video ends, so does the session; you must create a new session after each video.

Kast –

It is yet another online platform that allows you to view Netflix and other streaming platforms.

The Kast app is accessible for both iOS and Android; you may download it for free, but you must purchase the premium version if you want to watch videos of higher picture quality. You receive ad-free streaming, superb picture quality, a large choice of reactions, and emojis when you upgrade to premium.

How to use Kast-

you can directly view it from your phone with the help of an app or you can add an extension t your web browser. 

In the cast, only one person is in control of online streaming via a proxy. It has the option of both private and public groups also known as parties. 

Scener –

It’s available on the App Store, Google Play, and Roku. 

It provides you with a chatroom where you may communicate with everyone at the party in real-time. 

The video in this room is synced, which means that if the room leader presses the pause button, the video will pause for everyone.

There is some drawback to scener, that is it works only with the primary Netflix account. If you are someone who shares Netflix account with someone, you should keep in mind to switch to the main account before using scener.

The second drawback is that it has a maximum number of people in a room limit of 10 people.

Watch2Gether –

If you’re a regular YouTube viewer, you’ve probably heard about Watch2Gether. You may be thinking that Yes, we are aware of Watch2Gether, it does not support Netflix. Right?

The owner company of Watch2Gether came up with a solution to this problem. The catch is that there is a beta W2gSync for Netflix streaming. It is necessary to download the official watch2gether addon.

How to use watch2gether to watch Netflix

Step 1: Launch the beta W2gSync and put the direct URL of any Netflix video you’d like to watch into the private room’s special window.

Step 2: Invite all of your pals. and enjoy watching Netflix.

Only the individual who establishes the room will have complete control over the group’s activity.

In conclusion, there is nothing we can do to stop this pandemic except stay at home and be safe. However, if you don’t want to miss out on the fun you used to have with your pals, you can use any of the apps or extensions listed above.


  • What are other extensions or apps that I can use to watch Netflix with friends?

Meta stream, TwoSeven, telegram, and WhatsApp

  • Does Netflix have official watch parties?

No. none of the above-mentioned apps or extensions are official Netflix watch parts.

How To Watch Netflix With Friends?

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