Does Amazon have a Recycling Program?-Know more 

Amazon has a global reach in e-commerce, retail, cloud computing, and the digital streaming sector. Over the years it has grown as the most trusted brand of the people around the globe. Apart from its best quality products and services, Amazon has adopted the idea of social welfare also. it works for the causes like social welfare, and environmental protection. In this thread, Does Amazon have a recycling program?.

Does Amazon have a Recycling Program?

Yes, Amazon does have a recycling program. Over the globe, it runs these programs. Amazon’s recycling program mainly includes the recycling of packaging material and electronic items. It partners with other recyclers to accomplish its target of recycling. Apart from recycling, amazon also works towards renewing energy. 

What is Amazon’s recycling program?

Amazon has named its recycling program as Amazon Second Chance program. Under this program, Amazon calls packaging materials and electronic items for recycling. It has a sophisticated method of recycling these products. UPS aids amazon in recycling electronics. Whereas, it has partnered with Close Loop Furniture and The Recycling Partnership for recycling of packaging materials. You can easily hand over old electronics and packaging material to amazon for recycling. They also recycle the corrugated boxes to use as packaging materials. Let us see, how the recycling system works. 

Recycling of Packaging material

Amazon uses corrugated boxes, plastic films, and other materials as packaging to deliver its merchandise. Plastic packaging does not decompose and hence is very hazardous to the environment. Therefore, Amazon has adopted the idea of recycling and reusing these packaging items. It also recycles the packaging boxes in which it collects the items from manufacturers and in which it deliver them to the buyers.

Plastic films are not easy to recycle. Amazon converts it into poly bags and uses them for package-free returns. Amazon initiated package-free returns also to support the environment. 

To recycle the corrugated boxes, amazon has partnered with other third-party recyclers. They recycle these boxes and Amazon uses them again for packaging and delivery. Normally, the packaging materials used for delivering merchandise are not easy to recycle. Hence, in 2019 amazon started using a new type of packaging material for eligible merchandise. This material is called paper padded mailers. Recycling is even easier than corrugated boxes. These mailers are as easy to recycle as papers. Hence, this packaging is saved for the environment, and you can give it for recycling.

Recycling of Electronic items

E-waste contains lots of toxic elements that are not good for the environment and human life. Therefore, Amazon has started a recycling program for e-waste. With the recycling program, you can send your old electronics, amazon devices, and batteries to amazon recycling points.

UPS is the electronics recycling partner of Amazon. To recycle your electronics, visit Amazon’s website and fill up the necessary information. After filling out the information, you will get the delivery instructions and a shipping label. Notably, shipping charges are beard by amazon. Before recycling, UPS runs a factory reset of the devices you send. 

Amazon also aids in the recycling of old batteries. For this, it has partnered with Call2Recycle. Other than the recycling program, Amazon also has a trade-in program. Under this program, you can trade your old electronics. Amazon even accepts the items that are not working. 

Amazon towards environment protection: Renewable energy 

Other than the recycling program, Amazon has many other environmental protection plans. Its program of renewable energy is one of those plans. Amazon has established various wind-energy and solar-energy plants to achieve this goal. It is running 274 renewable energy projects over the globe. It has more than 250 on-site and utility-scale plants. These plants produce more than 12,000MW renewable energy for Amazon’s various operations. This way Amazon saves the carbon emission caused by purchasing electricity from commercial providers. This way amazon is also attaining the goals of sustainable development. 

What has Amazon achieved till now?

  • Over the years, it has supported eliminating carbon dioxide equivalents equal to two million metric tons.
  • It has developed around 3000 UPS drop-out locations where you can drop your e-waste.
  • Amazon will achieve the goal of 100% renewable energy usage by 2025.

Amazon is one of those companies that take their responsibility towards society very seriously rather than keeping it to just a textbook thought. Hence, it is working over various environment protection plans. In that row, Amazon Second Chance Program is a recycling program. Under this program, Amazon mainly focuses on electronics and packaging materials. It also promotes using recyclable packaging materials for the delivery of merchandise. 

  1. What is Amazon’s non-recyclable packaging material? 

Answer: Amazon’s non-recyclable packaging material includes dry ice packs, coolant packs, insulated bags, etc. 

  1. What is Amazon’s FFP program?

Answer: Amazon’s FFP program stands for Frustration-free Packaging. Under this program, Amazon has simplified its packaging layers for the convenience of buyers. Additionally, this program supports their idea of environmental protection by limiting wastage in packaging. 

Does Amazon have a Recycling Program?-Know more 

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