What Channel is HBO max on Dish Network?

What Channel is HBO max on Dish Network?

Dish network is the acronym for Digital Sky Highway Network. It is a famous Direct Broadcasting Satellite service provider in the USA. HBO MAX is a video streaming online platform that streams all shows and movies of the HBO network. It requires a subscription for streaming; therefore, it doesn’t have any channel number. So, What Channel is HBO max on Dish Network?

To watch HBO MAX on your Dish Network, an HBO MAX subscription and internet connection on your TV are required. A monthly subscription to HBO MAX costs $14.99. It is even more than the subscription of Disney Plus and Netflix. This subscription gives you access to all HBO channels, shows, and movies of WarnerMedia, and the HBO MAX on your mobile, TV, or computer. 

What is HBO MAX?

HBO MAX is an OTT video streaming app that has all the content of the HBO network. It has shows and movies that stream on HBO East, HBO West, HBO family, HBO 2, HBO Signature, and HBO Latino. It also streams new movies from Warner Bros. Additionally, now HBO MAX has MAX original content to stream. 

HBO MAX was launched in the USA in 2020. Its owners are AT&T’s WarnerMedia. Dish network has had the distribution rights of HBO MAX since its launch in 2020.

HBO MAX subscription and charges

HBO MAX subscription costs $15 per month for the ad-free subscription. Whereas subscriptions with ads cost $10 per month. HBO MAX also offers a 7-day free trial option for the customers. Customers can use HBO MAX free of cost for a trial. HBO MAX subscription is one the costlier than other OTT platforms. But its content is worthy of the price. HBO MAX subscription provides access to shows and movies from the following channels and production- 

  • All channels and online platforms of the HBO network 
  • Warner Bros. latest movies and shows (with ad-free subscription)
  • DC Entertainment 
  • New Line Cinema 
  • Cartoon Network 
  • CNN
  • TBS
  • TNT
  • The CW
  • Adult Swim
  • Crunchyroll 

How to watch HBO MAX on TV? 

You can watch HBO MAX on your Android TV, Apple TV, and any other Smart TV. To watch the shows and movies from the OTT platform, you have to subscribe to its membership. If you have HBO MAX subscriptions, then connect your TV to the Wi-Fi and enjoy unlimited videos, shows, and movies in the HBO MAX app. 

HBO MAX app could be accessed on your android and iPhone cellular devices. It is also accessed by Amazon Firestick and Roku. However, it was not available for Roku and Amazon Firestick when it was launched. 

Other HBO channels on Dish Network 

  • HBO East (channel number 310)

HBO East stream original series, movies, and shows. It has many of your favorite shows. 

  • HBO West (channel number 311)

HBO West also has many HBO original series and various shows and movies. 

  • HBO 2 (channel number 312)

HBO 2 streams the binge-worthy marathon of the HBO original series. It also has the best theatrical movies. 

  • HBO Latino (channel number 313)

HBO Latino is liked by fans for series like Game of Thrones and Westworld. It also has various Spanish series, shows, and movies. Spanish documentaries and concerts could also be enjoyed on HBO Latino.

  • HBO Signature (channel number 314)

HBO Sign streams appealing theatricals. It has old classic and present-day shows. The Wire and Band of Brothers are some GB famous series you can watch on HBO Signature. It requires an internet connection to watch. 

  • HBO Family (channel number 315)

HBO family stream family content. Its shows, series, and movies are free of R and TVMA ratings. It also asks for mandatory internet connectivity to stream. 


HBO MAX is not a channel that can be watched on a particular channel number in TV. It is an OTT video streaming app that requires a monthly subscription. HBO MAX streams movies, shows, and series from all the channels of the HBO network. It also premiered Warner Bros. movies on the same day it was released in theaters. The monthly subscription of HBO MAX costs $15 (ad-free) and $10 (with ads and limited streaming) 


  1. Is HBO MAX available only in the USA? 

Answer: HBO MAX was available only in the USA when launched in 2020. But in 2021, it was also launched in Spain, Andorra, Nordic, and Caribbean countries. 

  1. How to sign in for HBO MAX?

Answer: You can sign in for HBO MAX through a subscription from HBO’s website. You can also take a subscription through a supported TV or internet service. 

  1. Can I watch HBO MAX shows, movies, and series offline? 

Answer: Yes, you can download and watch HBO MAX shows, movies, and series to watch it offline. However, you can download only 30 items per account. And the videos are available for only 30 days. 

What Channel is HBO max on Dish Network?

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