Does McDonald’s Have Wi-fi?-Know More

McDonald’s is the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue. The American fast-food company was founded in 1940 and now has its business around the globe. Headquartered in Chicago city, McDonald’s is famous for its hamburgers and French fries. Apart from tasty food, it also offers other facilities and convenience to its visitors. Does Wi-Fi is also among these facilities? Does McDonald’s have Wi-Fi?

Does McDonald's Have Wi-fi

Most of the McDonald’s locations in the USA do have Wi-Fi. At McDonald’s, foodies can also enjoy social media surfing, browsing, and video streaming with their food. Notably, the McDonald’s WiFi is free for everyone that comes in range and does not require special eligibility. However, the control of WiFi is completely in the hands of owners of individual McDonald’s restaurants.

McDonald’s Wi-Fi 

McDonald’s started offering free Wi-Fi in 2010. In the USA, it has Wi-Fi at almost all locations. The speed of McDonald’s WiFi is also fine as compared to other free WiFi-providing locations. The downloading speed of McDonald’s WiFi is 58 Mbps, whereas the uploading speed is 14 Mbps. 

With this speed, you can conveniently watch videos and browse over the internet while having your meal. The McDonald’s WiFi could also be used by someone standing around the location. However, the restaurant owner and management can control the Wi-Fi. They can also switch it off according to their wish. Accessing McDonald’s WiFi is free and does not require any password or specific login.

Does McDonald’s offer free Wi-Fi?

Yes, the McDonald’s restaurant chain offers free Wi-Fi in all its locations over the USA. No additional cost, membership, or login is required to connect to McDonald’s. You can connect your cellular devices, smartwatches, and laptops with free Wi-Fi.

How can I connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi?

Connecting to McDonald’s Wi-Fi is a simple process as it does not require any credentials and a dedicated login process. When you come in McDonald’s WiFi range, you can connect to their hotspot in the following steps-

Switch on the Wi-Fi on your device 

To access the McDonald’s Wi-Fi, first of all, you need to activate the WiFi of your cellular device, laptop, or smartwatch. To activate the Wi-Fi, go to the settings and tap on Wi-Fi. Notably, you can use McDonald’s WiFi on iPhone as well as android devices. 

  • Select the McDonald’s WiFi

After activating the Wi-Fi, a screen will pop up to show you all the available open and protected Wi-Fi hotspots. From the list, choose McDonald’s WiFi.

  • Accept the terms and condition of McDonald’s

Before connecting to the McDonald’s open WiFi, you have to accept their terms and condition. After accepting the condition, you are ready to use McDonald’s free WiFi.

  • Start browsing 

Once you got connected with McDonald’s WiFi, you can use the internet unlimitedly on your device. 

Safety of McDonald’s Wi-Fi

McDonald’s offers free and open WiFi to all. Anybody in the range of the network can connect to it without any credentials. However, open networks are not encrypted networks. But most of the public Wi-Fi hotspot uses an open network that is not encrypted. 

A non-encrypted network is more vulnerable to hacking. Hackers can easily get into your device if you are connected to McDonald’s open WiFi. This is the same case with most of the other public Wi-Fis. However, if you are using the McDonald’s Wi-Fi only for browsing, it is not harmful. But you should resist doing financial activities and entering passwords while using an open WiFi hotspot like McDonald’s.

Availability of McDonald’s Wi-Fi

From the 14,000 McDonald’s locations in the USA, in more than 11,500 locations free WiFi is available. McDonald’s Wi-Fi has a good range. You can access it at.

  • McDonald’s dining area

In the dining area of McDonald’s, you can access the free WiFi uninterruptedly. Additionally, there is no limit on using the internet at McDonald’s and every guest can use it. So, you can eat your favorite meal while watching your favorite show on your device.

  • Parking area

Apart from the McDonald’s dining area, the WiFi signals are also accessible from McDonald’s parking area. However, the speed could be a little slow in the parking, but you can easily use it for at least browsing.

  • Surroundings 

If you are living near McDonald’s, then also you can have access to its free Wi-Fi during restaurant dining hours. You can also use the Wi-Fi hotspot by standing near the restaurant. 


McDonald’s is one of those restaurants chains in the USA that offers free and open Wi-Fi. Anybody in and around McDonald’s location can connect to its Wi-Fi. However, it is advisable not to work on sensitive information while you are connected to McDonald’s Wi-Fi as it is an open network.


  1. What other restaurants offer free Wi-Fi?

Answer: all famous restaurant chains like KFC, Dunkin’ Donuts, Peets Coffee, Subway, Starbucks, Burger King, etc. have free Wi-Fi.

  1. What to do if any network error occurs while connecting to the McDonald’s Wi-Fi?

Answer: If your device is not connecting to the Wi-Fi, try refreshing it and check device settings before re-trying to connect. 

Does McDonald’s Have Wi-fi?-Know More

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