Will UPS Print my Label?-Know more

UPS helps in preparing the shipping labels for both domestic and international shipments. It can be done from any device with the help of the internet. They have a motive of putting the customer first, Leading by the people, and being driven by innovation. More than 5Lakh people work in the organization. Around 24.7 Million packages are delivered daily. Let’s learn ‘Will UPS Print my Label?’.

Will UPS Print my Label?

Will UPS Print my Label?

Yes, UPS can print the labels with its printing services. The customers can bring a soft copy of the label, on a USB drive. And it will be printed as per the demand. It also gives the option of emailing the label, and it will get printed and attached to the required item. All the stores of UPS have a printing facility so they can easily print the label and ship it.

How to create the shipping label with the help of UPS?

Follow the given steps to create a label;

  • Step 1 Go to UPS.com and select the Shipping Tab.
  • Step 2 Choose to Create a Shipment option.
  • Step 3 Enter the name and address in the Shipment form of the sender. Enter the name and address of the receiver in the Shipped to the section of the column.
  • Step 4 Fill in the other necessary details about the items. After that choose the suitable option for delivery.
  • Step 5 Select the payment method and click print. The printed label will be delivered.

Requirements for Shipping Labels

All domestic shipment using air services needs to have a label. The label should be an automated shipping system or the air shipping document of Ups. It has all the combined address labels, tracking labels, and all the shipping records in single forms. There are some specific ASDs that are available for some of the services given below;

  • Next day air earlier by Ups
  • Next day air worldwide express by Ups
  • Next day air saver by Ups
  • Second-day air AM by Ups
  • Second-day air by Ups

All the ASDs can be ordered online through the Ups supplies page. The detailed instructions are available on the opposite side of ASD. It helps in filling the form correctly.

Through login before each shipment, the tracking of the package becomes easy. 

Does UPS send Labels?

A label is sent for free through UPS. Choose the delivery option for a label. Select the billing option, choose the recipient to fill in the necessary details. UPS will send an electronic mail to the recipient for the label.

They accept payment through all credit cards and Paypal. Payments of the site are secure and encrypted. Hence, there are no safety issues encountered so far.

What is the cost of printing shipping labels?

Ups do not charge for printing labels. However, shipment can cost some amount. If a customer places an order after logging on to the Ups website then it offers free packaging, labels, and forms.

What is the cost of printing a label?

Ups provides a free service for printing the label. But if it is postage, then they charge a fee. For tracking of items shipped and insurance services also charge. UPS Delivery services are also charged.

UPS Thermal Printers

Thermal printers are a special type of printer. They used the heat method for printing the designs. They mostly print in black ad white only. However, they are used for printing only labels. Using a compatible thermal printer will give good designs. The Ups thermal printers can be installed from the browser. After installing it we have to make it enable. The process is a little bit different for windows and mac.


Ups prepares shipment labels for the businesses. Yes, they will easily print the label through any of the ways. One can get their label printed through a softcopy by giving it to the store or get it printed from the site and shipped to the required address. If the label does not get printed then you can create a shipment on the Ups site. It is a hassle-free process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) What is the revenue of the company?

Ans. In the year 2020, the company has gathered a revenue of 84.6 Billion dollars. And it is expanded in more than 200 countries. The company is involved in social causes as well as serving the community’s needs. 

Q.2) How to write an address?

Ans. Do not fill incorrect addresses as it creates major issues which are not resolved easily. Double-check the address after filling it. A simple error or missing detail will result in the misplace of the package or delay in delivery of the items. 

Q.3) Does Ups drivers print labels?

Ans. Yes, one just needs to bring the labels and can get it printed. The customer has the option to choose from the printer or without the print. Both the options are available to them. Without the printer can cost some amount.

Will UPS Print my Label?-Know more

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