Amazon Jewellery Return Policy- Know More

Amazon Jewellery Return Policy


Amazon has managed to set up a brand name of its own in the retail and reselling business and in all the possible commercial fields that exist. Earlier the products that we ordered took longer durations to be delivered. Still, with the advancing technology, everything became more accessible to us, and the advent of Prime-only helped strengthen the cause. Now we can get our products as fast as the very next day, and buying and returning things from online retailers has become easier than ever. All things are just a touch away. This article discusses Amazon’s return policy when it comes to jewelry. Let’s know about Amazon Jewellery Return Policy.

Returns for jewelry that you buy depend primarily on the sellers you are buying from. The standard delivery timing is that of 30 days wherein you can return the product, in this case, the jewelry you have bought within 30 days starting from the day the product has been marked as delivered to your doorstep. The jewelry returns that amazon carries out are free of cost; that is to say, they don’t charge the customer anything to take their items back to the seller or to the warehouse for that matter. Amazon also gives you a total return of the product that you have returned in case the product that you have returned turns out to be broken, defective, incorrect, or not matching the description in any way.

Read on to know a little more about the amazon return policy.

Amazon’s Return Policy

Here are some of the points to keep in mind while considering returning products to Amazon:

  • Amazon has a standard 30-day return policy but depending upon the third-party seller, the delivery date may also be reduced to a 10-day or seven days.
  • Amazon considers both return and exchange for their products.
  • The refund processing period varies between 3-5 days for payments done via credit card and somewhere around ten days for payments done via debit card.
  • The refund is processed back to the original method of payment.

Some exception that needs to be considered are:

  • The return window for wedding registry gifts is open for 180 days from the date of delivery.
  • The return window for baby registry gifts remains open for a long and generous period of 365-days from the delivery date.
  • Jewelry valued above $100 must be insured with a shipment equivalent to the value of the merchandise, and you should ship your return with a signature shipping service.
  • For jewelry items priced at $75, you should make sure that you have shipped your item through a trackable shipping service.
  • For items priced below $75, it is advised that you use the USPS shipping service.

How To Return a Product to Amazon?

Listed below is the procedure to have your items returned to Amazon or a third-party seller:

Step 1: Open the Amazon app and go to the orders section to look at all of your most recent orders.

Step 2: Select the order, jewelry in this case that you wish to return, and then select the ‘Return and Replace Option.’

Step 3: After selecting the item that you wish to return, you need to provide a reason for the return request you are going to place.

Step 4: The next window that opens up requires you to choose how you wish your refund to be processed back to you.

Step 5: Select your preferred method of return and then press done.

Once you are done placing a return request, you may track or keep an eye on the status of your return request.

Products That Cannot Be Returned to Amazon:

Certain products cannot be returned to Amazon after you have ordered them; these products are:

  • Laptops and other electronic gadgets like Kindle after 30 days.
  • Hazardous materials
  • Items that do not have UPC or serial numbers
  • Online subscriptions for activation of platforms like prime
  • Gift Cards
  • Prepaid Game Cards
  • Certain jewelry Orders
  • Selective personal care items
  • Live insects and plants
  • Grocery and other fresh products
  • Software that has been opened 
  • Items that have shipping restrictions

Some Jewellery Stores Other than Amazon:

Listed here are some of the jewelry shops which you can consider while buying jewelry other than Amazon:

  • Kay Jewellers
  • Zales Jewellers
  • Helzberg Diamonds
  • Fred Meyers Jewellers
  • Tiffany Jewellers
  • Pandora
  • James Allen
  • Blue Nile
  • Etsy

Conclusion :

The return and replacement policies of Amazon are placed to ease up buying and returning products easier for its customers. There is no limit on the number of returns or orders a customer can place using one account. They are as simplistic as possible so as not to complicate things for its customers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does Amazon accept opened products for return?

In most cases, Amazon does accept products that you have opened as long as the tags are intact.

  • Does Amazon accept products for return after 30 days?

In some cases, yes, Amazon does accept products that can be returned after 30 days, but then you’ll have to return your products to a store that accepts Amazon products.

Amazon Jewellery Return Policy- Know More

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