What Is Verizon Smart Family?

In the past decade, the world has witnessed a tremendous change in mobile and internet technology. Technology is meant to create a better and much easier life than before. But technology has a bad aspect too. Technology has provided access to the children of content which are not meant for children. In some cases, children commit a serious offense after getting influenced by violent content presented on the internet. What Is Verizon Smart Family? provides parental control services to the parents that assist the parents in managing their kids. It will let the parents track the overall mobile activity of their children such as internet activity and other additional services. Not only tracking facilities, but parents can also even control the mobile actions of their children. It is a kind of service that plays a crucial in solving this modern era problem. Parents are required to pay a certain amount of charge to use this service.

What Is Verizon Smart Family?

What Are The Key Benefits Of the Verizon Smart Family

The is one of the most trusted mechanisms to monitor children’s activities. It comes with numerous benefits related to monitoring mobile activities. Below mentioned some of the key benefits of Verizon;

  • It will let the parents filter the watching content
  • It put a limitation on calls, texts, and purchases
  • Parents can keep a close watch on web and app activities of their kids
  • Parents can put a pause on the internet
  • Location can be tracked as well. In addition, it gives access to additional features such as a pick-me-up and check-in facility.

What Are The Charges To Use Verizon Smart Family

Verizon offers two subscription plans. The first offered plan is the plan which costs $4.99 per month for each account. The second plan namely the Premium plan, costs $9.99 per month for each account. The Verizon premium plan comes with a location tracking facility. Customers are not required to pay a premium for the first month if opting for the Premium plan, as the company will bear the charge for the first month.

How To Sign Up For Verizon Smart Family

Verizon has defined a very decent procedure to Sign up for the Verizon plan. Follow the below-mentioned steps to sign up for an account;

  • Go to Google Play or App Store and install the Verizon Smart Family app
  • Open Verizon Smart Family app on the device
  • Press Get Started
  • Enter mandatory details such as the mobile number and Verizon password and sign in
  • Select the preferred plan (Smart Family or Smart Family Premium)
  • Press Agree to give access to the child’s phone so that information could be collected
  • Select the preferred lines
  • Tap Ok to continue
  • After that, download the Smart Family Companion app on your child’s device

How To Use Verizon Smart Family

To use the service, parents are required to ensure a few things such as parents must have access to both devices. The app must have been installed on the parent’s phone. After completing these tasks, follow the below-mentioned steps to use the service;

  • Sign in to the Verizon Smart Family app and press the setting icon
  • Press Family Settings, and select preferred family members or mobile number
  • Press Smart Family Companion and Send an invite to the preferred family member. Instructions will be sent to the family member’s device
  • Complete pairing by sending an email to the member’s device
  • Press Got it for confirmation
  • Install the Companion app on your child’s Android or iOS device
  • Press OK for final confirmation for the final pairing.

After following the aforementioned steps, parents can have access to their child’s overall mobile activity.

How Reliable Is Verizon Smart Family

The has maintained an excellent reputation for providing the best service to parents. Most of the clients are pleased with the features and services of the company. Clients experience a trouble-free facility while monitoring and controlling their children’s actions. Verizon has proven a reliable instrument for monitoring movements. However, some of the clients are not happy with the location tracking service. While some clients have raised complaints about facing troubles while adding lines.


Verizon Smart Family is one of the most trusted service providers in terms of providing parental control services. It provides multiple features to the parents. Parent’s not only monitor their child’s activities but can also control their movements. Its premium plan provides an additional feature of navigating location, and it costs double the basic plan. The overall procedure to buy a subscription and use the app is completely hassle-free. The clients seem to be satisfied with the provided services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does Verizon Smart Family accessible on all devices?

A . Verizon Smart Family can be accessed via all android devices, iPhones as well as desktops. However, it cannot be accessed via an iPad.

2) What are the benefits of the Verizon Smart Family Premium plan?

A . Verizon Smart Family Premium plan comes with an additional feature of navigating the real-time location. In addition, the premium version provides a different dashboard. 

3) Is it possible to add multiple family members to Verizon Smart Family?

A . Yes, parents can add as many numbers as they want. However, a separate subscription plan is required to be purchased for every single account.

What Is Verizon Smart Family?

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