Amazon Reseller Program

The Amazon Reseller Program has made it possible for many small business owners and entrepreneurs to sell their products or services on Amazon’s e-commerce platform. This program allows businesses to take advantage of the massive online marketplace without having to invest in inventory, store space, and other expenses associated with traditional retail spaces. By taking advantage of a powerful platform like Amazon Reseller Program, you can diversify your products so you aren’t putting all your eggs in one basket. Read on to know more about what the Amazon Reseller Program is and how it works.To help sellers expand their business or move from retail to private labelling, Amazon launched Amazon’s Reseller Program. The program allows sellers to transfer inventory ownership of products to Amazon, which will then fulfil orders for those items. This has opened up a whole new way for Amazon sellers to expand their product offerings beyond what they physically have on hand.

Amazon Reseller Program

Amazon Reseller Program

Amazon Reseller Program allows sellers to ship their products to fulfilment centres across the country, where they are then stored and shipped through Prime Pantry or regular shipping channels. Depending on the size/weight of your product, Amazon can fulfil your order using their fleet of trucks or will pay you a handling fee per item if you use your courier service. The second option allows you more control over how your product is packaged and shipped but with an additional handling fee. FBA is currently limited to brands selling goods via wholesale distributor agreements.

How Does The Amazon Reseller Program Work

To sell on Amazon as a third-party seller, you’ll first need to open an account with them (you may already have one—you can also register your account for business purposes). From there, Amazon will take you through the process of getting approved as a reseller. Once you’re approved, they give you access to their software so that you can start selling products right away. This program enables sellers to sell their products on Amazon with its help. In other words, you can be your distributor by using Marketplace Seller Central.

How To Become An Amazon Seller

The Amazon Seller program allows you to purchase products at wholesale prices from suppliers, then sell them on Amazon. Becoming an Amazon seller is a straightforward process that requires only a few minutes to complete. First, you need to sign up for an Amazon Seller account by clicking on your profile picture in the upper right corner of any page and choosing Your Account from the drop-down menu.

Benefits Of Being A Vendor For Amazon

For starters, your products will be eligible for Amazon Prime (meaning they can ship via super-fast, free 2-day shipping) and in some cases same-day delivery. Additionally, as a Vendor, you can sell your products to other businesses via Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). Plus, you have 24/7 access to your seller dashboard – allowing you to update inventory or customer information at any time.

Here are some quick tips to be a successful seller on Amazon:

  • Be sure about the high quality of the product to avoid a refund.
  • Ship out the product as soon you receive orders
  • Make sure to update the quantity on Amazon
  • Always reply to customers question 


If you’re interested in expanding your business, signing up for Amazon’s reseller program could help you do that. You can build your business with Amazon while they take care of all of your order fulfilment. The Amazon Reseller Program is an easy way to get started selling on Amazon. Once you complete your application, you’ll be able to start using seller tools like seller accounts, listings, reports, and much more. If you choose to join FBA (which we strongly recommend), inventory will ship directly from a fulfilment centre to customers without incurring additional shipping costs.


1. How Does The Amazon Vendor Central Work?

A . The Amazon Vendor Central program allows anyone to act as a reseller for products sold on Amazon. If you’re a vendor that sells through FBA, you can opt-in to become an Amazon Vendor and sell your products directly on Amazon’s website. The benefits of doing so are numerous: more traffic, better brand recognition, a wider range of products/services offered—the list goes on.

2. Is It Against The Law To Resell Products At A Greater Cost?

A . It is generally not criminal to resale an item that you have purchased legally. Once you’ve bought something from a store, it’s yours to do with as you choose.

3. What Steps Do I Need To Take To Become An Amazon Reseller?

A . Becoming an Amazon seller is a great way to make money. 

  • Create an Amazon. account and list your stuff.
  • Orders are placed by customers. Not only may you accept orders from regular customers, but you can also receive bulk purchases from businesses and receive an input tax credit.
  • Bring your product to market
  • You are compensated for your sales.
Amazon Reseller Program

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