Do the Southern States Fill Propane Tanks?

Do the Southern States Fill Propane Tanks?

Southern states Buckhannon Cooperative is an American cooperative of farmers that deal with the supply of agricultural products, energy, and retail services. The cooperative offers a wide variety of products to farmers and homeowners. It was founded in the year 1923 as a seed service by a group of 150 farmers, who came together to help themselves procure better-suited seeds to Virginia’s growing conditions. It later expanded and started distributing farm supplies, feeds, petroleum, and fertilizer. Let’s know ‘Do the Southern States Fill Propane Tanks?’

Southern states do fill and refill propane tanks for home, business, farm, and construction use. They also sell propane cylinders of different sizes and dimensions.

The Southern States Propane Services

Propane gas is a convenient choice for use in your home, farm, construction, and business. 

Southern states offer the following propane services;

  1. Propane for home use- they offer propane gas for residential heating. Using propane for home activities is economical and safe. Propane can be used as a source for heating and powering appliances. Other applications of propane gas in homes is it can be used in cooking, gas dryers, water heaters, home heaters, and gas logs.
  1. Propane for business use- southern states provide propane gas for all your business needs. Many businesses use propane for heating buildings, cooking, lighting, powering generators, use it in commercial dryers, and heating water and swimming pools. Some businesses use propane gas as a backup source.

Propane can also be used in forklifts and commercial use can be used to fuel vehicles, fuel lawnmowers, and commercial outdoor heating.

  1. Propane for farm use- southern states provide propane gas for all your farm needs. Farmers use propane gas to power generators as a backup power source, in crop drying, in heating greenhouses and nurseries, powering irrigation pumps, and tobacco curing.
  1. Propane for construction use – propane can be used in construction including providing electricity during construction.

How to Refill Your Propane Tank at Southern States Cooperative

Refilling propane tanks is less expensive compared to exchanging them. At Southern States Cooperative, they refill your 20-100 lbs. propane tanks. To refill your propane tank visit the southern state’s website and fill out a contact or request form and they will contact you back to help you.

Prices to refill your propane tank may fluctuate from time to time but the average price is between $3 and $4 per gallon.

What Are The Energy And Service Offers Offered By Southern States?

Southern states offer their customers several offers and services.

  1. The family and friends offer- this offer allows customers 50% off the next propane fill when they refer a friend or family to the southern state’s propane service. 
  2. HVAC services- southern states offer servicing options for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment from repair and replacement to general tune-ups and maintenance.
  3. Full-Service Advantage-  once you sign up for this service, southern states offer maintenance service and plans, 24-hour emergency services, automatic delivery, access to highly trained technicians, energy-efficient equipment, and convenient budget plans.
  4. Home Comfort Maintenance Plans– upon signing up for this service, southern states offer servicing options like repair, replacement, and general tune-up of equipment.
  5. Propane refills service- they offer refills of cylinders of up to 100lbs.
  6. Soil sample service- southern states offer farmers soil-testing services to help farmers increase the productivity of their land and help them get the right type of fertilizers to use to help increase crop production.
  7. Bulk lime & fertilizer spreading- this service is only offered in the Weston branch.
  8. Delivery services- Southern States offer delivery services and store pick-up options.
  9. Commercial Outdoor Space Heating- southern states install patio heaters for commercial and residential use.


The southern States is one of the best and largest suppliers of all your propane needs. With their reliable, affordable, and convenient services, one can rely on them to provide you with this clean and safe burning gas at an affordable price and enjoy the benefits of installation, deliveries to your doorstep, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Do southern states sell other types of energy products?

Yes, southern states sell the following types of energy products;

  1. Heating oil- available for use at home, the farm, or the business that provides protection and performance of the equipment in use.
  2. Diesel and gasoline- southern states sell diesel fuel, super gold premium diesel, and gasoline.
  • What are the pros of enrolling in home maintenance plans?

The home maintenance service comes with some benefits, which are;

  • Automatic deliveries.
  • Service and Appointment Scheduling.
  • Extended equipment life.
  • Reliable systems.
  • 24-Hour emergency service.
  • Highly trained technicians.
  • How many stores does the Southern state operate?

Southern states own and operate about 1200 retail stores in 21 states. 

  • How many members does the Southern State cooperative have?

Southern state cooperative, which is a farmer-owned agricultural supply, energy, and retail cooperative, has over 200,000 members.

Do the Southern States Fill Propane Tanks?

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