Does Aldi Have Bags?-Know more

Every supermarket uses plastic bags. Because supermarket owners do not expect you to carry your items in your hand after you’ve purchased from them, especially if you bought a lot of things. The uncertainty, however, sets in when we talk about reusable bags. Reusable bags, which contribute immensely to the minimization of waste, give the environment a breather from plastic bags. Let’s learn ‘Does Aldi Have Bags?’.

Does Aldi Have Bags?

And because of this, several shoppers love to use reusable bags when shopping. But while stepping into a supermarket with your reusable bag, this question would most likely loom in your head: “would I get a ‘no, thank you’ response at the check-out the minute I pull out my reusable bag?” (The COVID-19 pandemic made this no easier for reusable bag lovers.) While different stores have their policies on the use of reusable bags for shopping, you’re probably specifically concerned with Aldi.

Well, let’s find out if you can buy or even use reusable bags at Aldi.

Does Aldi Have Bags?

In cases where you are worried about which supermarkets would allow you to use your reusable bags, Aldi is one supermarket less you need to worry about. Aldi does allow reusable bags and yes, the supermarket has bags that you can use too when shopping, in cases where you forgot your old one or want a new one. These reusable bags are, however, sold at a price that is added to the total of your purchases.

The amazing part is that there are quite a variety of Aldi bags that you can choose from. Rather than being stuck with only one pattern of the bag, you have the liberty to make choices that match your style, taste, and preferences in general. Here are the Bags you can expect to find in an Aldi Supermarket.

Aldi Bags and their Prices

The kind of bags you can expect to see at Aldi include the regular brown grocery paper bags, shopping tote bags, and insulated shopping bags. 

Aldi is a store where you can purchase items at relatively cheaper prices. Therefore, their reusable bags are not an exception. You can purchase Aldi bags for as low as seven cents. The most you would spend on an Aldi bag is around $1-$3.

  1. The Brown Grocery Bags 

These bags can be found in every other grocery store and can be used up to three times, so long as you keep them away from water. These bags cost up to seven cents to purchase.

  1. The Shopping Tote Bags 

The Aldi shopping tote bags are very durable. Even when you use them to carry heavy grocery items, you can be confident that they would not give way. These bags cost up to 2 dollars to purchase.

  1. The Insulated Shopping Bags 

The Insulated shopping bag has quickly become my favorite reusable Aldi bag. The insulated bags was made mainly to maintain the temperature for cold items, like meat, fish, or drinks, while you make the trip from the Aldi store back to your house. These bags can be repurposed for carrying items at room temperature too. In some other cases, the insulated Aldi bags can suffice in the stead of a cooler for beach parties. These bags cost about a dollar to purchase.

Benefits of the Aldi Bag

While Aldi encourages customers to come along with their reusable bags, in a bid to minimize customer cost, there’s always going to be that customer that forgets or the ones that do not have reusable bags to start with. 

At Aldi, you can be sure to be able to access bags at relatively lower costs. These bags are durable and can be used as many times as possible (except for the brown grocery bag, which can be used up to 3 times).

How to keep Aldi’s reusable bags clean?

Like every other reusable bag, the Aldi bags are prone to get dirty. The quickest way to get the “no, thank you” response at the checkout is to pull out a dirty reusable bag. This is unhygienic and tends to be a germ carrier. It is, therefore, best if you keep your Aldi Bag clean. Here’s how you can do this:

  • Turn your Aldi bag inside out and then hand-wash, or toss it into the washing machine.
  • Wash with warm or hot water and your regular detergent. Warm or hot water is preferred to cold water because reusable shopping bags are highly prone to germs. Hot water is a lot more effective in killing these bacteria.
  • If you are hand-washing, target the bottom, the corners, the nooks, the crannies, and the lines around the seams of the Aldi bag. This ensures thorough washing.
  • Spin the Aldi bag in the drier and then sundry. Sun drying is a very crucial step, as this allows sunlight to heat any surviving bacteria in your Aldi bag.

Some of us may be tempted to do this, but it is not advisable to use your shopping bags, especially the tote bags, to carry other items, like books, baby diapers, or your gym wear, around. If you’re using the tote bag for shopping, then stick strictly to using it to carry shopping items. This helps to limit the rate at which it would get dirty, as well as the germs sources.


Aldi has reusable bags which you can purchase at the different Aldi Store locations at relatively lower prices. The cost of these bags is usually totaled with your grocery purchases. If you have a reusable bag already, you can come along with it to Aldi and shop freely with it.

Be sure to clean your reusable bags as frequently as necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find bags at Aldi?

You can find Aldi bags near the checkout post. You may not see them just lying around so be sure to check the built-in shelves under the conveyor belt too.

Can I disinfect my Aldi bag without washing it?

Disinfecting Aldi bags is a great way to keep them clean, especially insulated shopping bags. You can spray the disinfectant on the bag, along the edges, and wipe it off with warm water. However, when it comes to tote bags, washing with detergent and warm water is non-negligible. 

How often should I wash my Aldi bag?

The Aldi bag should be washed depending on how frequently you use it. Ideally, your Aldi bag should be washed after every use.

Does Aldi Have Bags?-Know more

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