Does Home Depot Give Free Moving Boxes?-Know more

Moving from home or even your workplace can be a huge burden. A lot of things are needed when packing, like moving boxes. It would be a bother if you had to pay for moving boxes, too, so you are open to trying out free options. Let’s learn ‘Does Home Depot Give Free Moving Boxes?’.

Does Home Depot Give Free Moving Boxes?

As someone packing to move to a different location, you are probably wondering if Home Depot offers moving boxes for free. Home depot does not usually give free moving boxes, mainly because it’s up for sale. 

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Nah, don’t give up yet. You need to read on to figure out if there’s a catch, the types of boxes available, and where you can find the free moving boxes. You could put an early call that can get you what you need.

How can I get Free Moving Boxes from Home Depot?

  • There is the option of always calling ahead and asking the support team to reserve some moving boxes for you kindly; yes, it is free if not needed.
  • Many customers have had tremendous success by strolling into the Home Depot store close to them and asking any Home Depot staff (with a smile) if they have any free boxes.
  • The free boxes may be available from unpacked products in the loading department.
  • It’s crucial that you always be friendly and nice when approaching any worker to make this request. Sometimes, a smile can get you free moving boxes; it’s magical. Usually, people will be inclined to help someone that is more polite.
  • Different scenarios have seen small products stocked on the shelves coming in big cardboard boxes; this is an ideal choice if you are moving.

Stores that offer Free Moving Boxes

Typically, you will still look for stores that offer free moving boxes. It would help if you try out the following stores;

  1. Costco
  2. Barnes & Noble
  3. Liquor stores
  4. Rite Aid
  5. Fast food stores like McDonald’s and even Starbucks
  6. PetCo
  7. Walgreens

These stores are sure to come in handy. You can always try out your favorite supermarkets close to you, like Safeway, Publix, Trader Joe’s, ALDI, and Whole foods market.

You can always reach out to any store ahead of time to help keep some free moving boxes for you; a phone call should do the trick. Calling ahead will help save you the trouble of going there and coming back disappointed.

What makes Home Depot Moving Boxes special?

Although Home Depot does not usually offer free moving boxes, Home Depot stepped things up a notch with their experience.

If you decide to buy their moving boxes rather than go for the free moving boxes, you are offered the details even to the smallest detail of the box size. 

Suppose the Home Depot store around you don’t have what you are looking for. In that case, you can choose to have the box (or boxes) of your choice delivered to your home (for a fee, of course) or even delivered to the Home Depot store close to you at zero cost.

Most Home Depot’s moving boxes come with handle holes or adjustable handles that make carrying easier. There are also special boxes that come in handy for carrying your TVs.

Maybe you ordered many boxes and did not end up using all of them. Home Depot lets you return the extra unused boxed; you need to have your receipt intact if you want to collect your refund. Home Depot moving boxes are made from fully recycled materials for all lovers of green earth.

Can I Purchase Moving Boxes from Home Depot?

The main reason you cannot always get Home Depot’s moving boxes free is that they are up for sale.

If you decide to look online or perhaps in-store, you are likely to see a wide variety of boxes in sizes. You have the choice of picking the type of box that best suits your needs, be it standard or heavy-duty, when shopping online.

Customers have the luxury of placing requests for either 1 or 150 boxes. If you are uncertain of how many you want to buy, an online software called the moving calculator can assist you.

Lots of sellers prefer to go for boxes with a 15-inch length and 16 inches wide. More stats are available on the Home Depot site. Like other boxes on stock, these moving boxes are always ready to be assembled immediately they arrive. 

The moving boxes cost $1.48 each, a pretty fair price. You can also choose to order a box that comes with a removable lid; the price for that one would cost $4.98.

What is the Cheapest Store to buy Moving Boxes?

There is no doubt that Home Depot comes among the top and cheapest stores to get your standard moving boxes at $1.48.

Walmart actually is the cheapest store to buy your moving boxes as they cost just $0.62 (62 cents). Indeed, you must have expected this.


Home Depot does not offer free moving boxes. However, you can be lucky if you call ahead or visit any Home Depot store close to you and ask nicely.

There is also the choice of buying the boxes, and Home Depot offers you a wide variety that you don’t want to refuse.

Does Home Depot Give Free Moving Boxes?-Know more

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