OK Tire Warranty – know more

OK Tire is one of the leading tire and wheel distributors in the United States today. This service provider doesn’t only focus on tires alone though, they offer mechanical services for all automobiles as well. Let’s know about ‘OK Tire Warranty’.

OK Tire Warranty

When shopping for tires, it’s always a great idea to find out about the warranty you will receive from a specific distributor should you encounter any issues. It is important to find out more, especially since some retail tire outlets don’t offer any warranties at all.

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Let’s have a look at what I found out after researching this Canadian tire distributor and the warranty offered on the purchase of their tires.

OK Tire warranty doesn’t only cover your tires, the dealership offers a limited warranty valid for 12 months per 20 000Km. This warranty covers a range of motor repairs and services as well.

Now that we know that OK Tire offers a limited warranty to their customers, let’s have a closer look at the exclusions, terms, and conditions of this policy.

OK Tire, About the Company

OK Tire dealerships are mainly tire distributors, tire fitment centre’s, and offer other tire services. However, this is not all that they do. 

The company also specializes in car and truck, wheel alignments. They are a distributor for ACDelco auto parts and more.

The company was first based in Canada and then eventually expanded to the United States.

OK Tire’s Limited Warranty and All there is to know about it

As with warranties, there is a lot of fine print that goes along with them and you must read all of this to find out about the services and benefits offered, as well as the exclusions and terms regarding the policy.

For now, let’s have a look at OK Tire’s limited warranty.

The limited warranty is offered to the customer who purchased items or services at an OK Tire dealership. If the car is sold within 12 months, the new owner will not have any right over the warranty as it will no longer be valid.

Services and items covered by the warranty include repairs and services to automobile braking and exhaust systems. The warranty covers fuel and ignition systems. It also covers the air conditioning systems used to control the heating and cooling of the vehicle. 

Other items covered by the warranty include the clutch component, a clutch’s assembly repair and replacement, the engine’s cooling systems, and the engine’s performance. The warranty covers the engine’s drivability and its services.

Other systems included under the warranty are the steering, suspension, starting, and charging systems. 

More systems are covered by this warranty service and to find out about all of them, it will be best to seek advice from an OK Tire consultant. 

The Warranty service and Where to obtain it?

You can obtain this warranty service if you are less than 40Km away from an OK Tire dealership. If your car is broken down more than 40Km away from the dealership, you will be able to request a free towing service that comes with your warranty service.

To obtain the warranty service, you must have on hand the original, or a copy, of the repair order. You must present this order to the dealership where you will be requesting the warranty service from. 

Items and Services not covered by The warranty service

Some items are not included in the warranty service. These include damage to a car due to any mishandling, abnormal use, and accident-related issues. 

The warranty also does not cover damages caused by neglect or tampering. 

Some repairs are also excluded from the warranty service. These include:

  • Repairs to the engine. This excludes external engine seals and gaskets.
  • Repairs to the transmission, transaxles, and differentials.
  • Repairs to the hub assemblies which are installed on worn shaft ends.
  • No panel beating. No repairs to the auto body, paintwork, trailer, or molding.
  • There will be no repairs done on vehicles used for commercial work.
  • No repairs will be done on vehicles used for heavy-duty, off-road purposes.
  • No repairs will be done on vehicles used for racing and recreational services.
  • There will be no repairs done on used or salvaged parts.

There are other exclusions to the Limited warranty policy, and to get more information on the full list, it is better to visit an OK Tire dealership to speak to a consultant directly.

Always remember to read all the fine print of warranties offered to you. The reason is, to familiarize yourself with items that fall under the warranty service and those that do not. 


The warranty offered by OK Tire is called the Limited Warranty 12 months per 20 000KM plan. This plan does not only offer a warranty for the tires purchased, but you also get a warranty for services done on your vehicle. 

The warranty is only valid for 12 months and if you sell your car to someone else within that period, the warranty becomes void.

OK Tire Warranty – know more

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