Does Tesco Have Paypoint?

Tesco is a multinational retail store that is headquartered in England but it has expanded all over Europe with stores in 5 countries. They operate hypermarkets, supermarkets, express shops, fuel stations, and an online shopping website. PayPoint, on the other hand, is a business that offers a means of paying bills mostly in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Romania.

Does Tesco Have Paypoint?

PayPoint offers innovative technology to retailers that empowers them to achieve their business goals of increasing foot traffic and eventually sales. One of the services that PayPoint offers is the in-store cash service which is a great method of payment for their customers.


Tesco is a huge retailer in its own right and it has divisions within the same company. It is categorized into the following sections:

  • Hypermarkets

These are larger shops that stock Tesco’s entire products. They are also mostly located outside towns. The largest one is Tesco Extra.

  • Supermarkets

These are standard-sized stores that stock groceries and have a smaller selection of non-food stuff. Some of these supermarkets also have in-shop cafes for their customers.

  • Tesco Express

These are like neighborhood convenient shops, small in size compared to the rest, and they only stock fast-moving products or consumer goods like sweets, crisps, chocolate, biscuits, soft drinks, and other everyday essentials. They are mostly located in busy neighborhoods or streets with a lot of foot traffic.

  • Fuel Stations

Tesco has about 200 fuel stations in the UK alone that sell fuel from Greenergy.

  • Online Store

Tesco offers a home shopping and delivery service from its official website. They are well-known for their online grocery shopping and delivery service.

Among all these Tesco services and stores, PayPoint is only offered at Tesco Express.

Tesco Express

As mentioned earlier, these are smaller shops compared to the hypermarkets and supermarkets owned by Tesco. They are mostly found in busy districts, smaller malls, and streets where there are a lot of people. They are usually stocked with little items that are essential like groceries and snacks.

Payment options at Tesco 

Tesco accepts a wide range of payment options like;

  • Visa,
  • MasterCard,
  • American Express,
  • Maestro,
  • Visa Debit,
  • Club card Plus,
  • Tesco Bank credit cards and
  • Tesco Bank debit cards

Tesco Express had been using PayPoint as one of their options for payment up until 2021 when they made a deal with Payzone to replace PayPoint. This deal came into effect almost immediately and Tesco Express as well as other Tesco Extra stores started using the Payzone option for their customers.

Benefits Of PayPoint

The benefits of PayPoint are as follows:

  1. The service reduces the need to deal with cash at hand
  2. The network is always available and accessible
  3. It offers a convenient way to pay bills and top up or redeem credit vouchers
  4. It makes paying for online shopping a lot easier.

For the retailers who use this service;

  • It ensures secure revenue streams because there is less cash to handle
  • With this service, there is no need for many administrative expenses as the service covers the majority of the required costs
  • This service is very convenient so it gives the retailer more quality time to interact and service the customer’s needs.

The benefits of using Payzone are also largely the same and they also apply to the retailers that use these services.


This service is such that daily payments are recorded and logged in a file which makes it easier for the retailer to monitor their yearly transactions. PayPoint services are found at Tesco Express as well as other retail stores such as Asda, Co-op, Spar, and Costcutter. However, the services provided by Payzone are inherently the same as PayPoint; they are just two competing companies offering the same services to major retailers in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Cards Can I Pay With At Tesco?


Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, Visa Debit, and Club card Plus, Tesco Bank credit cards, and Tesco Bank debit cards are all accepted at all Tesco outlets.

  1. How Does Paypoint Work?


PayPoint is used to make fast payments when you are at home or on the move. You can use the service to control your household finances much better, to make necessary payments like bills, and also use it for in-store services.

  1. How Many Stores Have Paypoint In The Uk?


The PayPoint network is across 29,000 local shops in the UK including Co-op, Spar, Sainsbury’s Local, Tesco Express (up to 2021), and thousands of other independent stores.

  1. Is My Local Shop Open For Paypoint Cash-Out Payments?


To be sure you need to contact them directly or check their online shopping website to determine if you can pay using PayPoint. This also applies if you are looking to get cashback.

Does Tesco Have Paypoint?

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