Best Buy Pre-Order Policy

Best Buy Pre-Order Policy

We will deeply discuss the topic ‘Best Buy Pre-Order Policy’.

Since electronic items play a crucial role in today’s generation, there is no doubt about the fact that even before the new electronic product launches in the market, it gets stocked out. This is possible because of the pre-order policies that all the big electronic consumer stores have come up with. 

This policy lets the customers book their order even before it launches in the market so that they don’t fear missing out on the items they badly want. Or else some people just want to be the buyer of specific electronic stuff so that they look cool and brag about it in front of their friends. Anyways, each store has its pre-order policy.

Well, in this article you will find out everything you need to know about Best Buy’s pre-order policy. If you are interested in the same, then keep on reading!

But before moving further with the article, let me give you all a quick overview of what Best Buy is?

Best Buy Overview

Best Buy is an American electronics retail store that operates internationally. It was founded by Richard M. Schulze on 22 august 1966. Best Buy is headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota, United States. It serves 977 locations in places like Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

Best Buy Pre-Order Policy 

According to the Best Buy pre-order policy, you as a customer can pre-order any electronic item from video games to movies, literally any item that is yet to be launched in the market or is stocked out. After you have pre-ordered, you will be required to process the payment of the item 5 days before the shipping day. Otherwise, you can just pick up your order from the store.

Below are some of the most asked questions by the customers. So just take a look to clear all of your doubts about the Best Buy pre-order policy.

How Does The Best Buy Pre-Orders Work?

As mentioned earlier, the Pre-order option lets you make an order for the product that is maybe either stocked out or is not launched yet. How it works is, Best Buy will mostly let you know the exact date when you should expect to get the item. And when you order an item that is stocked out, Best Buy will not charge you until it is available or is ready to be shipped.

Before placing the order, make sure that your card for the payment is updated and will not expire in between the whole process (from pre-ordering to shipping).

Will You Be Charged By Best Buy When Pre-Order?

In short, Best Buy will not charge for the item while you place your pre-order.  

You will be asked to pay for the item only when it is released and ready to be shipped or sometimes even after the shipping is done. 

However, while making a preorder, you will be asked about the mode of the payment transaction. For example, you will have to provide a hold of your credit card so that the company knows you have enough funds in your account before your pre-order is made successfully. 

Thereafter, the hold will be automatically released after a few business days, resulting in the funds being drawn back into your account.

You will be notified by Best Buy about the final processing regarding the shipping or in-store pickup, a day before the launching of the item. This is where you are supposed to clear all of your payments.

Just to let you all know that in case your cart has other items along with the pre-order, you will be charged for those items differently since shipping days for items will not be the same. 

If you want to shop for the item from the store, you will still be able to place the pre-order for unavailable items. All you have to do is pay a small deposit of around $5 to the total cost of the item. The rest of the payment can be done when the item is released and you pick it up from the store. 

Remember, once you have paid the deposit, you will not be able to add amounts to the deposit until you pay the complete fund while final processing. 

Does Best Buy allow you to cancel Pre-Orders?

Yes, as a Best Buy customer, you will be allowed to make any changes to your pre-order or even cancel the whole order. Except for digital products like movies, music, or game downloads, of course, you will not be able to cancel those items. 

You are allowed to cancel any order that is placed 5 days or more before what the given launch date of the item is, no matter what method of shipping you have chosen.

However, if you desire to cancel the item before less than 5 days of its expected launch day, some conditions will be applied depending on which shipping method you selected. 

Terms and conditions for canceling orders are as follows:

– If you have selected standard shipping, and the order cancelation period is expired, you will need to return that item to the Best Buy store if you have one nearby, or else you could mail it to them.

– If you have selected the expedited shipping method, you are allowed to cancel your pre-order even 2 days before the given launch date. 

– If you have selected the express shipping method, you are allowed to cancel your pre-order even one day before the given launch date. 

Does Best Buy Refund Your Pre-Order?

It may seem like Best Buy refunded your amount if you order online, however, this is not actually what it looks like. 

When you read the word ‘refund’ anywhere, it is nothing but a result of a temporary hold in your account which seems like Best Buy has returned the initially deducted amount.

Earlier, when you place the pre-order from Best Buy, the authorization to make payment will create a hold that will be afterward released once the item is ready to be shipped or picked up.

That is why in case it looks like Best Buy has refunded money to your bank account, you must authorize a second payment since the money will be charged and deducted just before shipping.

Why Did Best Buy Cancel My Pre-order?

Your order may get canceled in case there is an unsuccessful verification while processing the order. 

Best Buy will ask you for the automatic verification of the details you provide like shipping, billing, and payment information.

In case the verification fails, Best Buy will send you an email stating the same. In that case, you will be required to fix that problem. 

Best Buy cancels the order only when its system finds out that the problem cannot be fixed. So to avoid this, it is your sole responsibility to make sure that the details you provided are correct and up to date.

Will Best Buy Charge Twice for Pre-orders?

The short and simple answer is “No.” Best Buy will not charge twice for pre-order. The payment process is already explained above. 


To sum up this article, it is safe to say that due to the high demand, the consumer electronic item’s stock almost flies. That is the reason why companies like Best Buy have come up with the thing called “pre-order” so that their customers don’t have the fear of missing out.

Best Buy Pre-Order Policy

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