Does Amazon Have A Return Policy?

Ever ordered a smartphone from Amazon and received another model or received a headphone but one of the speakers weren’t working? In such cases, the question arises that Does Amazon Have A Return Policy? The answer is yes, Amazon offers a return policy on its products in case they were shipped from their own warehouse. One can return the product to them within 30 days of receipt. The reasons of returning a product may include damaged product, unsealed package, has missing parts or accessories, etc.

Does Amazon Have A Return Policy?

Conditions for Return

  • The product was not damaged in your possession
  • The product is returned with its original box/package 
  • The receipt of the order should be ready with you
  • It is the same product that was shipped to you

Can you return headphones if you’ve already opened the package?

The answer is yes, if you purchase it directly from Amazon, you can return the headphones within 30 days of receipt of shipment. This covers various headphone brands like Apple’s Air Pods, Bose, Samsung, Beats, JBL, etc. A message can be seen instructing you to return or replace the headphones if it is eligible for return. 

Used headphones can also be returned (if they are eligible for the same) and you have to simply follow the prompts within your order(s) and return the headphones with a pre-paid shipping label on it.

Criteria for Return

  • If the headphones ordered have a specific serial number or UPC, you have to ensure that it is not missing when you are returning the product.
  • If the headphones are damaged or not working, they can be returnable but if the options to do so are not available, you must contact Amazon.
  • If you brought the headphones from a third party seller, you must check if the product can be returned and whether or not Amazon allows it.

Does Amazon accept returns on headphones after 30 days?

The answer is, it depends if the product is eligible for an extended return period i.e., if it can be returned after the return period is over. It varies with different products and different companies having their own return policies with longer or shorter return windows. If your purchased headphone qualifies the criteria for Amazon returns after 30 days, it will already be listed on the product page while checking out the product for shipment.

Can you return headphones without its original packaging?

The answer is yes, in certain cases you can. You don’t have to always return a product in its original packaging if you purchased it from Amazon. So if you have purchased a pair of Bose headphones eligible for return and you don’t hold possession of the box, it can be accepted by Amazon as a return until the product is in the same condition it arrived. However, it is subject to expectation of a deduction from the refund because of the incomplete packaging.

However, if you bought the headphones from a third party seller, the product might or might not be accepted by the retailer as return.

How to return Amazon headphones?

Returning headphones on Amazon is a pretty easy task. It can all be done on the Amazon website itself.Whatever the reason of returning your purchased headphones like damaged product or partially working headphones are eligible for return under their 30-day return policy. All you have to do is to simply log in to your Amazon account and go to your orders.

Then proceed to click on the return button and follow the prompts/instructions to receive your shipping label and return the headphones to Amazon. An Amazon employee will come to your address in a few days and receive the headphones. Once Amazon receives the headphones, the refund will be processed and you should be able to see the money back in your account within a few days.

How many returns does Amazon allow?

There is no exact specified amount of returns that Amazon allows you. But there is a percentage provided that you can use as basis for the same.The rate of return is 10%. Your account stays open if the rate of return is below 10%. However, if it goes above 10%, then there is a chance that your account may get banned but you don’t need to worry about it as Amazon will warn you about it. You have the option to use the Download Reports on your account so you can get the summary of your purchases and return. 


If you need to return your headphones that you bought from Amazon, you can do so within 30 days of purchasing the product.Does Amazon Have A Return Policy? You can double check the return policy of headphones while buying them from Amazon as they may vary from brand to brand. Returning headphones to a third party seller may vary.

Does Amazon Have A Return Policy?

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