Does Stanley Steemer Clean Tiles?

Does Stanley Steemer clean tiles?

Stanley Steemer is an American company founded in Dublin, Ohio. Stanley Steemer provides carpet, tile, grout, upholstery, hardwood floor, and Air duct cleaning. It is a private company that serves in the United States and It has been America’s leading carpet cleaning business for the past 70 years. Let’s know ‘Does Stanley Steemer clean tiles?’

Why Stanley Steemer?

Cleanliness is one of the relevant parts of having a good and healthy life. People tend to have a peaceful mind, along with a refreshing home. Stanley Steemer provides the exact level of cleanliness to your home. They use highly advanced technology to clean. Their creative methods and technology are well known that give the perfect level of cleanliness and hygiene.

Does Stanley Steemer clean tiles?

Stanley Steemer provides the service of cleaning tiles. Cleaning tiles by hand is difficult, messy, and uncomfortable. Cleaning floor tiles by mop do not give the actual cleanliness because it is hard to reach the corners. Stanley Steemer makes the job easier. Their creative methods provide far better results than hand cleaning would give and they have trained professionals to do the work. 

Their work begins with trained technicians inspecting the floor to determine the best treatment for cleaning the floor along with proper cleaning agents. The next step is cleaning the floor with a steam cleaner. It yields a combination of high-pressure water and a vacuum that pulls out dirt from deep within and corners. 

The combination of high-pressure water and a vacuum do not damage the floor. Their unique design and method are safe to use. The advanced technology used in the process makes it highly effective. They clean the tiles and grouts with much attention and care.

After cleaning, they put on a finishing coat of their clear sealant that protects your grout. It will help to look at the floor tiles perfectly. Clear sealant goes in deep to the grout surface. It provides a barrier that protects against spills and permanent tough stains.

Stanley Steemer suggests a few points that will keep your floor tiles clean.

  • Always remember to vacuum or sweep before you mop.
  • Sweeping removes as much dirt as possible, so do not forget to dust before mopping.
  • After mopping, do not forget to rinse. 
  • Bleach and other harsh chemicals can break down sealants, so avoid using them.

Stanley Steemer does not use steam to clean the floor tiles and grouts. They use a process called hot water extraction to clean the grouts. The process is often known as steam cleaning since you can see steam as it does the work.  

What are the pros and cons of Stanley Steemer?


Stanley Steemer has been in business for the past 70 years, this makes them the best fit with the experiences. Stanley Steemer has the best customer review. This makes it clear that they give a consistent and strong performance. 


The range of their services is limited. Stanley Steemer operates only in the US.

Working At Stanley Steemers

Stanley Steemer is a large professional company with around 2,000 employees. Most of the employees say that they get a good experience when working with Stanley Steemers. On average, Stanley Steemer employees earn $36,819 per year. Employees confirmed that they get Easy work with a low-pressure environment, Good management, Flexible schedules, Decent pay, a Great place to learn, and so on. 

How much do Stanley Steemer charge and time taken for cleaning tiles and grouts?

Stanley Steemers usually charge $ 0.75 – $ 1 per square foot. They also take extra charges depending upon the geographic location of the customer. For an average of 300 square feet, it nearly costs $ 300 – $ 900. 

It takes only 30 to 60 minutes to clean the tiles and grout. The time taken to clean depends upon the size of tile, amount of dirt, and size of the room. 

The time can extend up to 2 to 3 hours if we choose to include the sealant. The Sealant takes a minimum of 30 minutes to dry. They recommend waiting until it is completely dry and should avoid any liquid that comes in contact with the sealant because it will take 24 hours to dry and cure completely. 


Stanley Steemer is an American company that is famous for its service of cleanliness. They use advanced technology known as hot water extraction, unlike other competitors to clean tiles and grout. The usage of advanced technology and the rate of cleanliness charge around $1 per square foot, which is satisfying for the service they provide.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why choose Stanley Steemer for tile and grout cleaning?

Stanley Steemer is the best choice when it comes to cleaning tiles and grouts. Its cleaning process removes an average of 96.5% of allergens. After cleaning, they put on a finishing coat of sealant to protect the grout lines from accidental spills and spots.

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Tiles?

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