Does Mcdonald’s have Family Pack?

The introduction of the family pack by retail stores has made the shopping experience a satisfactory one for customers; families do not have to spend excessively on items by buying them individually. With the family pack, a family can easily buy one of two packs and get satisfied with the experience. Let’s get the answer to ‘Does Mcdonald’s have Family Pack?’.

Does Mcdonalds have Family Pack?

Does Mcdonald’s have Family Pack?

Yes, Mcdonald’s have a family pack. One of the most popular family packs is the Family McFavourites Box, sold for $27.95. The content of the family McFavourite Box includes; chicken ‘n’ cheese, McChicken, and four big burgers. To get the family pack, you can visit any of the McDonald’s stores in your location or order via the website.

Other Family Packs available at McDonald’s:

 Here are some of the family packs available at the store;

The Family McValue Box 


  • Four burgers
  • Large Burgers
  • Fries
  • McChicken
  • Cheeseburgers/ Chicken ‘n’ Cheese
  • Soft drink

The McDonald’s Family Dinner Box


  • Four medium fries
  • Four soft drinks
  • Four ice cream sundaes
  • Four burgers
  • Big macs
  • Cheeseburgers
  • McChickens

The Family McFavourite Box


  • Four medium fries
  • 10 Chicken McNuggets
  • Four soft drinks
  • Four burgers
  • Two Dipping sauces

How to order for a Family Pack at McDonald’s?

Here is the step on how you can get a family pack at the store;

  • While at the store, you can place a request for any of the McDonald’s family packs you want while making an order.
  • To make an order on the website, you will be required to log in to your McDonald’s account.
  • In your account, you will see the menu.
  • Search for the family pack you want and confirm your order
  • You will get your order delivered to your location.

In case you were not able to receive your orders, or you received the wrong order, ensure you inform the store customer support assistant immediately. The store would work on fixing it and getting your order to you.

Why did McDonald’s create the Family Pack?

Here are some reasons the brand came up with the family pack;

Save cost

When the cost of getting a family pack is compared to the cost of individual packs, the cost of a family pack is lesser. The brand strategically brought up the idea of the family pack, to allow the McDonald’s family to get real value for their money. The majority of families that purchase the family pack, love to because it helps them save cost. The family packs are the best option for families and individuals who want to satisfy their McDonald’s cravings.

Appreciate family

Over the years, the brand has received massive patronage from customers from different locations in the United States. The majority of the Mcdonald’s customers are mostly families, and the thing with families shopping at the same brand is that they tend to remain loyal to the brand for a long time. The creation of the family pack can be seen as McDonald’s way of saying thank you to thousands of families across America who keep buying from the store. by introducing the family pack, other family complimentary services such as family sales, discounts, etc. will continue to be promoted by the brand.

Customer satisfaction

When it comes to shopping at fast foods, the way a customer gets satisfied includes; meal affordability, meal taste, and satisfaction. Customers might enjoy a nice meal, but if the quantity is not satisfactory, they begin to lose interest in the brand. To avoid a situation like this, McDonald’s decided to introduce the family pack. the family pack also varies in size and price to allow customers to have a wide range of choices.

Brand promotion

An effective way of pushing your brand to the public is by giving people satisfactory service. The introduction of the family pack attracted lots of customers to the store. Both prospects and customers got interested in the packages. The satisfactory comments posted by customers on the website and other fast food review sites made the brand able to get more reach through this innovation.

Introduction of new menu

The family pack can also be seen as a way to introduce new menus to the McDonald’s menu list. Three menus were introduced for the family pack. They include; the Family McValue Box, McDonald’s Family Dinner Box, and the Family McFavourite Box. These boxes all have different varieties and prices to allow customers to pick whichever one they are convenient with.


Brand innovation is one of the many ways of crushing your competition. McDonald’s has to keep on serving customers different recipes and menus to help keep them loyal to the brand. In a situation where a brand fails to be innovative with its business and ends up repeating the same style of service for many years, the customers will eventually leave the brand for a better one. The introduction of the family pack helped McDonald’s remain on top of its competitors by getting more patronage and making huge sales.


McDonald’s have a family pack available in three different boxes; the Family McValue, McDonald’s Family Dinner, and the Family McFavourite. The boxes are all affordable for both families and individual customers. To find out if your favorite family pack is available, you can contact the store before placing your order. The introduction of the family pack into the McDonald’s menu is a great way of promoting innovation by the brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

a. Can I have my cheeseburger replaced with another item in the Family McValue Box? 

In the McValue Box, you have the option of choosing between a cheeseburger or chicken ‘n’ cheese. If you do not care for a cheeseburger, you can always go for the other one available. In a situation where you do not want either of the two, you can request another item or a different family pack.

a. Is Oklahoma McDonald’s the biggest?

Yes, the Will Rogers Turnpike McDonald’s in Oklahoma is the biggest. It has a record of about 32, 000 square feet in size.

Does Mcdonald’s have Family Pack?

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