Is IKEA Coming to Lowa?

IKEA is an international brand that became the largest furniture retailer on a worldwide scale in the year 2008. In the United States, it is one of the most frequented stores for those searching for any home or office furniture and supplies. Here you can get an answer to Is IKEA Coming to Lowa?.

Is IKEA Coming to Lowa?

With the store having such high demand, those from Iowa must be asking the question of whether the store will be coming into their state any time soon?

Let us look at what was discovered after researching the topic.

IKEA will not be coming to Iowa anytime soon. This is because IKEA is such a large distributor and for a store to be profitable in each state, there are set population requirements that must be met. Iowa, unfortunately, does not have the required population count.

Before looking into this topic in more detail, let us look at the IKEA brand first.

All here is to know about IKEA

  • The brand was originally founded by a 17-year-old boy, Ingvar Kamprad, as a mail-order sales business. This was in the year 1943.
  • IKEA’s headquarters is situated in the Netherlands.
  • Ingvar turned the business into a furniture retailer five years later.
  • 20 years later, the brand expanded into Norway and then into Denmark another 3 years later. It was in the ’70s when IKEA stores spread out on a worldwide level. 
  • The stores were only opened in areas with a population count of over 2 million people.
  • Currently, there are 52 IKEA stores located across the United States.

Reasons why IKEA cannot come to Lowa

IKEA stores need to be in an area with a population of over 2 million people, or more. 

This is due to the size of the stores and the amount of merchandise that each store distributes. The only way for the brand to be successful in each place is if there is the required amount of demand.

Unfortunately, if this population requirement is not met, then an IKEA store cannot be brought to said location.

So, what do you do if you want to shop from IKEA, but you’re based in Iowa?

Alternative options to visiting an IKEA store

Since there has been no news on IKEA ever coming into Iowa, no formal announcement or hearsay, you will have to use an alternative method to get the items you need.

If the items you would like to purchase can only be found in IKEA, you can purchase the item directly from their online store. 

Note that even though there are no IKEA stores in Iowa, they will deliver an item to an address in Iowa. IKEA delivers to all states in the U.S., the only issue one may face is the delivery fee.

So, before you place an order, it is best to confirm whether you will be able to afford the delivery fee.

If you do not prefer the above-mentioned option, and if your item can be purchased from stores other than IKEA, you can choose to shop at any of the selected stores listed below.

Stores similar to IKEA

  • AllModern

AllModern is an online furniture retail store that is like IKEA. They have a wide range of furniture to browse from. Most of the items are at affordable prices too.

  • APT2B

This brand focuses on creating furniture items for apartments only. The pieces are beautiful and worth rivaling IKEA’s.

  • H&M Home 

This is another highly renowned store that has been in the industry for a while now. H&M Stores have all home furniture and decor items to choose from. You wouldn’t be missing out much if you choose this store.

  • Urban Outfitters

The store specializes in urban and modern designed furniture and home decor items. The variety is enough to match  IKEA’s.

  • Scandinavian Design

This store is a rival to all IKEA stores. The only difference between the stores is that IKEA has items at varying rates. Scandinavian Design has quality items, and their prices are above those at IKEA.

If the item must be purchased from an IKEA store and you cannot choose any of the above-mentioned stores or, then your last option will be to travel to a neighboring state that does have an IKEA store. These include the states of Chicago, Kansas, Minneapolis, and St. Louis. 


IKEA will not be coming to Iowa any time soon. There has been no official statement informing the public on whether IKEA will ever come to Iowa. However, this depends heavily on the population count of each area.

Iowa does not meet the minimum requirement of having 2 million or more people within an area. For this reason, it could be highly unfavorable if IKEA was brought to the good people of Iowa.

If you need to purchase an item from IKEA, you could always order it online and it will be delivered to you, no matter the area you live in.

Some FAQs

There must be some FAQs that you may want to have answered from IKEA. The most popular ones have been answered below.

  • Can you return an item after purchasing it online from IKEA??

Yes, you can return an item if you are not satisfied with the product.

  • Is it possible to order an item online and then collect the item in-store?

Yes, this service has now become available at all IKEA stores.

Is IKEA Coming to Lowa?

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