Walgreens Gift card return policy

Walgreens is a large pharmacy store chain only second to CVS health that deals with filling out prescriptions, offering health and wellness products, required health information, and photo services to its clients. It is headquartered in Chicago but has expanded with stores all through the US in states like New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts among others. Let’s have a look at Walgreens Gift card return policy.

Walgreens Gift card return policy

Walgreens Gift card return policy

The return policy is generally that any products purchased can be returned to a store or by mail within 30 days. The returned item must include the original purchase receipt for easy processing. For online orders- the products can be returned and a refund made in full including shipping cost, and for an in-store pick-up order- it can only be refunded if it is returned to a store. This policy applies to any method of payment used even paying with gift cards.

In-store return policy

This policy applies in two ways;

  1. With the original receipt – the item will be returned and a full purchase price refund will be made immediately using the original mode of payment 
  2. Without the original receipt – the item will be returned but the refund will be made at the lowest advertised price and it will be given as store credit to a W card not cash

Walgreens has several regulations that you need to note about the return process;

  • Walgreens reserves the right to determine if the item/s is in good enough condition to be returned. Products that have a potential health or safety risk or abuses the return policy in any way, or even is involved in any fraudulent activity cannot be returned
  • They required you to provide a valid photo for the return, either a US Driver’s License, State ID, Passport, or  Military ID will suffice
  • They also carry out an extensive verification process before the return

Online Product Return

If you bought your item online, then there are two options you can use to make a return:

1. Return it to a Walgreens physical store

When the item/s is returned with a receipt within 30 days of purchase the return will be made and a refund submit using the original mode of payment either credited to your credit card or given as cash if payment was made using a check. If the item does not have a receipt then the refund will be given as a Walgreens gift card or added to the already existing gift card.

2. Ship item to a return centre

If you make a return by sending it over via mail, it has to be in its original packaging and the original receipt must be included. The return and refund in this case usually take longer as it is a long process and the advice is to wait for 30 days to see a reflection of your refund on your mode of payment.

Gift card return policy

At Walgreens gift cards can be bought and reloaded at the nearest store for between $5 and $500. The card is only redeemable at Walgreens drugstores and pharmacies and it cannot be used for online purchases. Generally, a gift card cannot be redeemed for cash and that is why even when making a return on a product purchased using a gift card, the refund is made to your gift card not cash.

However, some state laws allow a gift card to be redeemed for cash. States like California, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington, and others allow cash on request if the balance on the card is below $5 – $10.

When it comes to payment options that you have for Walgreens gift cards, they accept checks, credit cards, and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFTs). Once they are bought, the cards cannot be resold unless it is authorized by Walgreens themselves.


If you need to make any type of return to Walgreens, ensure you have the required documents to do like the original receipt and a valid identification document. If not, the return will still be made but the store will not give you the cash they will instead refund you using store credit or gift card.

Frequently asked questions
  1. How can I track my return?

The best way to do this is to contact Walgreens customer care for further information on your order.

  1. Are there any products I cannot return?

They don’t accept returns on gift cards, pre-paid cards, phone cards, sexual wellness items, or seasonal products. They also determine if the product can be returned by looking at other factors.

  1. How do I check the balance on my gift card?

Call the number on the backside of your card and ask for your account balance.

  1. Can I buy Walgreens gift cards online?

Yes, you can, and also at your local Walgreens store.

  1. Is the gift card redeemable online?

Not at this moment. It can only be redeemed at the store.

Walgreens Gift card return policy

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