Where can you cash a USPS money order?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is an agency under the US federal government. It provides postal services to United States households. The agency has 633,108 employees, both career personnel and non-career personnel. The topic is ‘Where can you cash a USPS money order?’

Where can you cash a USPS money order?

The agency provides a huge line-up of shipping services to its members. The huge lineup of services is to meet the different shipping demands of its customers.

Money orders can be a better alternative for receiving and conducting payments. It is a convenient way of performing transactions if one is not interested in opening a checking account with the bank. 

The USPS through its offices sells money orders at lower rates compared with other agencies doing so.

Where can you cash a USPS money order?

There are several places where one can cash in their USPS money orders. This includes the following,

  • The USPS post offices
  • Selected grocery stores.
  • Banks
  • Convenience stores
  • Check-cashing stores

Cashing the USPS money orders at a USPS post office will cost you zero dollars. Elsewhere, one should expect to be charged for the cashing of the money order.

Do all banks accept cashing USPS money orders?

The majority of banks across the US allows individual to cash their USPS money order. However, some banks will not accept the cashing of the USPS money order. This is because the bank requires one to be an account holder.

On the other hand, some banks do not care whether you are an account holder or not at their branch.  

There is a category of banks that requires one to have the same amount in your account to cash the money order. 

Can banks be a better option to cash a money order?

Cashing your USPS money order at your local post office is one of the best options to opt for. Otherwise, if there is no local post office in your area, then your local bank can be the second-best option you have.

While the post office will charge you nothing to cash the money order, your local bank, however, will charge a little fee for the service. 

Some banks will also cash the money order for free. This mostly applies if you are a patron at your local bank.

It is much easier to cash the money order in a bank that does not consider whether one is an account holder or not. The service fee will also be lesser compared to places like Money mart.

Which banks allow one to cash a USPS money order?

Most banks will allow one to cash their money orders. However, some may have restrictions. Restrictions such as whether one is an account holder or not, having money in their account equivalent to that in the money order. 

Other banks will not allow both account holders and non-account holders to cash in their money orders without any issues.

  1. Banks that accept both account and non-account holders to cash USPS money orders.
  • The fifth third.
  • Regions bank

Regions allow one to cash their money orders at a fee of five percent.

  1. Banks that only allow account holders to cash their money orders.

The majority of the banks fall under this category.

  • Capital One.
  • The bank of America.
  • PNC bank
  • Chase bank
  • Wells Fargo

With only a few banks accepting money order cashing, having an account (opening a new one) can be the best option.

Which grocery stores accept cashing USPS money orders?

As aforementioned, few selected grocery stores accept cashing money orders. These stores include Kroger stores and Albertsons stores.

It is important to make an earlier call to the local grocery store before going to cash the order. Earlier communication allows one to be certain if the grocery store can cash the money order.

Check-cashing locations that accept cashing money orders.

Some check-cashing locations will allow you to cash your money order. These locations include united check cashing, money mart, and check into cash.

Some checking cashing centers will cost dearly while others will not. It is better to have more understanding of the location before cashing the order.

Who is allowed to cash USPS money orders?

Various money order cashing centers will only allow the intended recipient to cash the money order. This is because money orders are given the same regard as a check. 

This applies not only to USPS money orders but also to orders too.

What is the process of cashing a USPS money order?

Cashing your USPS money order is pretty simple. It is not like a rocket science calculation! 

  1. Identify a location (bank, store, check-cashing store) that allows cashing of money orders.
  2. Fill out the form you will be provided with.
  3. Submit the form to the teller or cashier.
  4. Sign the money, additionally, you will show your identification document. 
  5. Finally, choose the denomination you want your money in.

More to say, one should consider bringing an identification card for verification. 


The USPS money orders provide one with a less expensive alternative to make payments. Compared to visas cards payments, money orders are less expensive than cash. 

It is important to have a bank account. Having an account makes it easy to bypass banks restrictions.

Just like checks, one will require an identification document for security and verification purposes.


Q: can one deposit a USPS money order remotely?

A: Some banks will allow you to do so via their app. Others like Bank of America do not allow remote cashing of money orders.

Q: How long does it take to clear a USPS money order?

A: The amount of time varies. However, it does not take more than seven days.

Where can you cash a USPS money order?

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