Walmart Bike Warranty- Protection Plan for Walmart Bike


Among Walmart’s warranties are those for bike products, which fall under the protection plan for sports goods, which itself covers many items at Walmart. Let’s know about Walmart Bike Warranty.

Walmart Bike Warranty

Bike protection plans fall under the general merchandise category on Walmart’s website. Insurance companies such as Allstate provide these protection plans to their customers, a reputable and trusted company.

Corporate customer service representatives said Walmart’s Protection Plan can be purchased for an additional cost when you purchase a bike, or within 30 days of making your purchase. 

The Walmart Protection Plan is available as an option, but many bikes come with a manufacturer’s limited warranty, which commonly lasts 90 days to a year from purchase.

Protection Plan for Walmart Bike

By taking advantage of Walmart’s protection plan, you are protected from damage caused by normal wear and tear, defects in workmanship, and defective materials. However, the following issues are not covered:

  1. Any type of damage other than normal usage.
  2. Defects can be caused by faulty assemblies. 
  3. Intentionally causing damage to the property. 
  4. An item has been stolen or lost.
  5. Problems that already existed.
  6. Adding the Protection Plan within 30 days of your original purchase is possible, or you can buy it at the same time you purchase the bike.

A Walmart bike warranty lasts for as long as the plan lasts (usually two or three years), as long as it was purchased on or before the warranty’s expiration date. You begin your warranty coverage when you purchase it, not when you buy the bike; therefore, if you purchase a warranty up to 30 days after purchasing the bike, you start your coverage then.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Under certain conditions, you may be eligible to receive repairs or services from your bike’s manufacturer if it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Although warranty coverage varies widely depending on the brand and item, it usually covers defects in materials or workmanship.

With the Walmart Protection Plan, you can submit a claim if your bike has a problem and also has a manufacturer’s warranty. When a manufacturer’s warranty covers the issue, Walmart will let you know so you can contact the manufacturer. If the manufacturer’s warranty covers the issue, Walmart will refer you to the manufacturer.

Cost of Buying the Walmart Protection Plan

According to Walmart, the price and brand of the bike have an impact on the cost of the Walmart Protection Plan. 

For example, you can choose from a 2-year or 3-year plan for $18 or $22 if you purchase a Kent 24” Northpoint Girl’s Mountain Bike retailing for $148. offers Protection Plans that you can choose from when you add a particular bike to your shopping cart.

How to Claim Walmart Bike Warranty?

It has been made as easy as possible for customers to file service warranty claims. Walmart’s protection plan page is where you make your claim. If you scroll down to the heading “How do I submit a claim?” you will find directions for submitting a claim. A “File a Claim” button will be located there. Click on it.

You will need to provide a copy of the original receipt (e.g., your store receipt) if you want to file a claim. If you prefer, you can call customer service at (877) 538-4389 and describe your situation. 

Walmart will replace your bike with an identical or comparable bike if your bike has such an issue twice within 12 months and again if it requires a third repair. 

In addition, Walmart will offer you cash when your bike has such an issue three times within 12 months. You are very likely to get your claim approved quickly, as Walmart’s protection plan page indicates.

Return Policy for Walmart Bikes

Up to 90 days after the date of purchase, you can return a bike to Walmart. For those who would prefer to not go through a formal claims process, this can be the more convenient option. 

There is no need for a receipt, although if you do, it would make the process much easier (and your money would be refunded the same way you paid).

Protection Plan Cancellation

Within 30 days from purchase, Walmart Protection Plans may be canceled for a full refund. After 30 days, a prorated refund will apply based on how long your plan has been active. 

Within thirty days, return your Walmart Protection Plan receipt to the store of purchase or cancel online through 

After 30 days, you must cancel it after logging in to your account.


The Walmart bike warranty includes maintenance coverage that covers normal wear and tears. However, it does not include coverage for theft, intentional damage, or loss.

This provides peace of mind when your bike experiences an unimaginable incident and those who want to protect their new investment will benefit from these modestly priced plans. Walmart bike protection plans are the way to go for your Walmart bike.

Walmart Bike Warranty- Protection Plan for Walmart Bike

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