What happens if you fail the Walmart Assessment Test?

You wanted to work for Walmart so you applied for their assessment but unfortunately couldn’t pass it! What would happen now? You would obviously be not considered for further selection! Let’s know What happens if you fail the Walmart Assessment Test?

What happens if you fail the Walmart Assessment Test?

Sounds bad! But will you give up or will you try again? Are you even eligible for retaking the examination? Let’s look into all of them in this article!

What happens if you don’t pass Walmart Assessment?

In order to get employed at Walmart, one has to go through an Assessment. If you fail to pass this assessment, you will ultimately not get selected for the position.

Sounds disappointing but failing an assessment is never the end as you can retake the examination after six months! 

Why is this assessment so important?

Walmart’s assessment is basically a computerized test of subjects like math and reading comprehension. These questions are generally pretty straightforward forward so one doesn’t need to have a unique or a genius mindset while writing these assessments! Just work hard and the job is yours!

Usually, these assessment tends to measure the potential candidate’s aptitude in five things that are, 

  • How good their math is,
  • How good they are with sentences,
  • Their vocabulary,
  • Problem Solving Skills, and
  • Reading comprehension

These tests help a manager to realize what are the applicant’s skills and talents in terms of their communication and knowledge. On the basis of these, the managers can get a gist of the role that they think you might fit in!

Hence, to ensure that the employee is good and skilled enough to work for them, these assessments seem like a good option!

How do see if an applicant has passed the assessment?

As mentioned above, the test clearly aims to determine if the candidate is good enough to work in Walmart or not! Hence, to move to a selection round, you need to have a passing score! But the question is how would you know if you have passed the exams or not?

Well, fortunately, you don’t have to wait long to see if you have passed the assessment or not. Since the whole test is computer-based, you will be provided with a result immediately, once you finish answering.

At times, these notifications could be green or red to show whether you have passed or failed the exam respectively.

Things to know before retaking the Assessment of Walmart!

If you attempted Walmart’s assessment but, unfortunately, couldn’t get through, then don’t be sad! Because you can still take a retest! 

Walmart allows retesting of a candidate after six months as it is constantly hiring. All you have to do is reapply for the open position! 

Here are some of the few things that one needs to keep in mind before taking a retest!

  • Take the assessment seriously

Taking an assessment seriously is a must for every applicant who applies for Walmart’s assessment. This is a part of the hiring process hence, your answer will definitely impact your selection.

If you are serious about this and work hard, you will undoubtedly pass with flying colors!

  • Take practice assessments

Even though you have already experienced a Walmart assessment before, it is still advisable that you try to attempt a few practice assessments.

This will not just help you practice but will also boost your confidence toward writing a good exam.

  • Review its online training

Before attempting a retest, it is advisable for one to actually take time and go through their online training. It will help you a lot in your assessment!

What type of questions can you expect on the Walmart Assessment Test?

As mentioned above, the test is all about checking if the candidate is fit enough for the role or not. Hence, you can surely expect some situational questions relating to the position that you are applying for. You can also expect some math and vocabulary questions too. 

These exams are not necessarily hard as they only aim at getting the potential candidate and the questions that are asked are basically straightforward whose answers are pretty easy to give.

Therefore, as long as you practice and train hard, you might not have any issues in passing the assessment.


Walmart’s assessment is a type of computerized test that every potential candidate must give in order to move further in their job selection! However, in case you fail to pass the assessment, you won’t be able to proceed with the further selection process.

But, instead of being disappointed over failing the test and giving up, you can always take a retest! Walmart actually lets applicants retake their assessments after six months, but you have to apply for the position open at that time!

Just work hard and go for the retest! If you take it seriously and practice hard, you will definitely get through it!

What happens if you fail the Walmart Assessment Test?

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