What Does Delivered To Agent Mean USPS?-Read To Know


The United States Postal Service has various ways to get the packages from one place to another, for example, through Express mails and the post office, etc. When your order is coming through USPS, the parcel goes through multiple steps to deliver the parcel to the destination. In those steps, the main thing is to reach the package safely to the destination.In this article we will see What Does Delivered To Agent Mean USPS?


What Does Delivered To Agent Mean USPS?
What Does Delivered To Agent Mean USPS?

If the delivery agent tried to do delivery, but you are not there in the home to receive the package, then the agent gives the parcel to the third party who is not the owner of the parcel. For example, the remaining family members, relatives, tenants will come under the agent or third party in your home. If that happens, the tracking status will come as “Delivered to an agent.”

Following this, you may have some queries, like who is this delivery person, agent, and why the tracking system indicates the shipment has been delivered to an agent. We’ll provide clear, step-by-step answers for this kind of inquiry in the below section.

Delivery person role in the USPS:

The primary responsibility of the delivery person is to deliver the parcel to the owner within the time frame specified in the USPS tracking system. People use the USPS to transport their belongings, and they have higher faith in the USPS. The delivery guy picks up the package from USPS and double-checks the zipcode. He will deliver the package to the owner based on the zip code and address. When he attempts to deliver the package, and the owner is not present at the address, the “agent” comes into the picture.

Agent role in USPS:

The agent has no direct link with the USPS. However, suppose the item is attempted to be delivered, and the owner is not present at the address to receive it. Then Whoever accepts it, for example, family members, relatives, tenants, etc., is called an agent. 

If you follow the package, you can see that the package is delivered to an agent means?

First, don’t be scared if the tracking status shows “Delivered To Agent For Final Delivery,” as this indicates that the product was delivered to your address but was received by a third party or agent. So, first, contact your agents (family members, relatives, or anyone else who may be able to accept the parcel) and confirm whether they have received your product or not.

If the parcel doesn’t receive but in the tracking system, it shows the “Delivered-To Agent For Final Delivery.” Then you try to call the USPS customer service helpline number (1-800-275-8777) with your reference tracking id number of your package, and you will get the full details of your package.

If you are not clear about what you want or need more information, please read the steps below.

Steps to deliver the package:

  1. You used USPS to send a parcel from another location.
  2. The parcel passed through multiple stages before arriving at the USPS’s destination post office.
  3. Staff from a nearby USPS check the package and send it out for delivery in the tracking system.
  4. The delivery agent picks up the package from a USPS location near your home.
  5. The delivery person double-checks the parcel address.
  6. The person will attempt to deliver the package to you.
  7. If you are not at home, the delivery person will give the package to someone who is not the owner.
  8. The delivery person assumed that the parcel would be delivered by a third party (with trust) to the owner.

Is there any money required to give at the time of delivery?

No, such money is required. The payment is made through an online process. But, you should give the signature that you received the package because the delivery person is responsible for getting the signature from the person who received the package or an agent.

If you have any other questions or queries, USPS provides all the answers to the queries, and please feel free to ask about your queries regarding your packages. Thank you for choosing USPS for transporting your things from one place to another.


If the tracking system shows the package is delivered to an agent, that means the delivery person delivered the package to anybody else on your behalf. That person is now an agent between a delivery person and the parcel owner. The delivery person is entrusted to get the package in your hands from the agent or third party who received the package. Then it shows the package is delivered for final delivery. Moreover, if you missed the parcel, then wait one business day, and you can contact the near USPS post office and complain it as a missing package claim.

What Does Delivered To Agent Mean USPS?-Read To Know

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