JCPenney Customer Service-Know More

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JCPenney is a department store chain that has existed for more than a hundred years in the country, selling clothing for women, men, kids, and a diversity of items like jewelry, footwear, and cosmetics. As the store has been open for a while, one can imagine that JCPenney offers outstanding customer service to guarantee the customer’s satisfaction, and therefore, the store’s permanence.

JCPenney Customer Service

JCPenney offers automated customer service but also provides multiple ways to contact personal assistance. The store anticipates most of the customers’ needs by displaying common concerns and their solutions like package tracking, price matching, payment options, and more. Keep reading to find out what this customer service includes and how to navigate it!

What Is Customer Service?

You might think that this is a very common term but few people really understand what it stands for. However, we can’t accurately judge how good JCPenney’s customer service is unless we understand how such service should work. Hence, this is a brief introduction to customer service:


Customer service is the attention provided by a business to customers before, during, and after a purchase. It has the power of increasing and also decreasing the incomes of a business. 

Type of service:

Nowadays, customer service can be handled by a person inside the store and/or by a mobile app, or website. 

Type of support provided:

This refers to the types of needs that the customer service is looking to assist with, including maintenance, and installation of products, among others. 


Speaks of how a customer service measures its own quality, which is feedback provided by customers, most of the time through a survey. 

This being said, let’s move on to how JCPenney’s customer service works, which needs does it support, and how it measures its helpfulness. 

JCPenney´s Customer Service

The type of customer service that JCPenney’s customers can have access to is automated, this means that it mostly works online, through the store’s website and mobile app. This is easier since it guarantees that people can get answers to their concerns even during the night, without needing to visit the store.

You can access JCPenney’s website at and then go to the bottom menu to click on “Contact us” under the Customer Service menu. When you do, you’ll be redirected to a page that shows all the types of support provided by the service and also its contact information. 

At the present moment, you can request personal assistance from JCPenney in 3 ways: e-mail, Twitter, and phone. 

  • E-mail:
  • Twitter: @askJCP
  • Phone: 1-800-322-1189

However, the store’s website and app already provide every answer you could need, so contacting JCPenney through any of the former methods should be your last resource. 

Types Of Support Covered

The types of support you can get from JCPenney’s customer service website are divided into five categories: Orders and shipping, JCP credit card, Pricing and payment, JCP account and rewards, and Product information. Each of them provides support to do different activities.

Order and shipping:

You can track your orders, check the cancel and return policy, but also find everything you need to know before shipping an order. 

JCP Credit Card:

If you already count with a JCPenney credit card, you can pay your bill here and manage your account. Or if you don’t, you can review the benefits of this card and apply to get yours. 

Pricing and payment:

Check JCPenney’s types of payments accepted along with the balance of a gift card. You can know how to redeem a coupon in this section and how do JCPenney promotions work. 

Product information:

In case you’re planning on buying jewelry, know the protection plans here. The section provides information on how to recycle select items like mattresses and electronics. 

JCP account and rewards:

In here you can find out everything about the JCPenney rewards systems and even access your current account (if you have one), but also get special coupons. 

How Does JCPenney Measure Its Quality Service?

When you visit JCPenney’s website, you’ll be asked to answer a short survey to rate its customer service. The store wants to know how much you thought the service provided was useful. Besides the rating, you can write on the little text box about why are you giving a specific rating. If you want to externalize a special concern or congratulate the store’s service, you can also do it in this section. Although this survey is optional, it’s highly recommended for you to answer so the store can improve its service, website, etc. 


JCPenney offers a particularly broad customer service website that helps customers identify their needs and solutions easily. By visiting the store’s website, you can also access JCPenney’s e-mail address and phone number to get in touch with the store and resolve more complex issues. Don’t forget to answer the survey to evaluate the service the next time you visit the store’s e-commerce website! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I chat with a JCPenney associate without calling the store?

Yes, through the chatbox that appears on the right side of the screen, just tap the little blue square that says “chat”. 

Does JCPenney’s customer service count with a FAQ section?

Yes, there are two types: general FAQs and JCPenney rewards program FAQs. Both can be found on the customer service page.

JCPenney Customer Service-Know More

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