Gap Student Discount

Gap Inc., known just as Gap, specializes in dressing the world. Founded in 1969 by Donald Fischer and Doris F. Fischer, it has approximately 3500 locations. Out of which, 2300 are in the United States. They have revenues of 13 billion dollars a year but declining. And they have 170,000 employees. Surprisingly, in September 2021, Gap closed all its stores in the United Kingdom. However, not everything is bad news. In 2020, Gap partnered with Afterpay to improve the buying experience of its consumers. Also, in 2021, they said they would invest a 140 million dollar facility in selling exclusively online, betting heavily on this industry, as they believe this is the future. This article explains ‘Gap Student Discount’.

Gap Student Discount

Does Gap have a student discount? 

As far as we can tell, as of right now, there are no students discounts at the moment. The Gap is not on Unidays; they have no codes or anything there. 

Military discounts

They do have military discounts of up to 10%. You have to go to the store and see if they validate it.

Availing discounts from Gap

Gap does offer discounts, though. Not to students, but yes to regular people, and that could be you! How to get this? You need coupons. You can get coupons by joining the email list. There, you can receive coupons of up to 25% off. They are usually released every month. Therefore, you have to be on the lookout. For example, they will release a list of march coupons on the Internet.

And the coupon code is WELCOME. This means that when you are at the counter paying for your brand new clothes, you have to give this coupon code, and then you will be given the discount that the coupon offered. But, in April, this coupon won’t be valid; you will have to search for the new coupons. And there are many different types of coupons. Free shipping, 10% on your first purchase, 25% on new subscribers, or 20% on your first purchase with an Athleta card. And so on. They may even offer free shipping. 

Also, you can sign for the GapCard. With it, you can get 20% off and free shipping. Hence, maybe there are no direct discounts for students; there are indirect ones that you can quickly profit from. 

Gap merchandise

Gap operates other brands as well. And all good ones too, for example, they own Banana Republic, Old Navy, Intermix, and others. Hence beware of these brands; if you like them, it must be for a reason. 

Pros and cons of buying in Gap

The pros are that they have stylish clothes for everybody, especially young people. They have reasonable prices in exchange for good quality clothes. And they have a vast offer too, with companies like the Banana Republic and Old Navy under their wing, you can say they have it all. 

The cons are that they are a pretty massive store on the one hand. There is Gap on every corner, almost. Hence you would be wearing clothes that probably many other people are wearing. 

Another con is that they do not have student discounts. There should be direct discounts for this demographic. 


Gap does not have specific discounts for students. They have discounts for the general public, but not for students specifically. They also have discounts for the military. Which, you could say, compensates a little. However, it is a significant misstep not to give students direct access to saving a few dollars. Tuition is becoming one of the most grotesque businesses out there. Getting a higher education is so expensive students need to get loans that will take years to pay, sometimes decades. Giving them a short break on money is the least a big company could do. However, remember, they do have discounts every once in a while. Be on the lookout. 


How many promotional codes can I use at Gap?

Your GapCash coupon is valid one time. For one purchase hence, use it wisely. However, you can get as many GapCash coupons as you possibly can. To that, there is no limit. 

Does Gap have sales often?

Almost all the time. However, this changes frequently; therefore, if you see a t-shirt that you like and is on sale one day, get it right there! Tomorrow it might not be. 

Can I open a Gap Franchise store by myself?

Yes! You do. Since 2006 they have enlarged their operations to franchises in places like Latin America, Europe, Asia, Australia, The Middle East, and Africa. They have franchises in over 40 countries. They ask only for one thing. That you have expertise in this business: the retail business of clothes.

To know about Gap’s loyalty program, click here.

Gap Student Discount

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