KFC Student Discount

KFC( Kentucky fried chicken) is a fast-food chain restaurant popular all over the world. KFC has maintained its quality by providing affordable meals for consumers. It is mostly the student’s favorite for fast food and discounts to purchase more affordable meals. This article explains ‘KFC Student Discount’.

KFC Student Discount

KFC offers various discounts and student discounts happen to be one of the discounts. KFC has partnered with “student beans” to provide the student discount. The student discount makes it easy for students to be able to purchase free meals at the restaurant.

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KFC Student Discount

KFC has partnered with “student beans” to provide free snack box recipes for students when you spend 3 Euros or more in a single transaction. 

One should also note that this discount doesn’t run in all KFC restaurants, therefore one should be sure to take note of the KFC participating stores.

Student Bean Discounts

Student bean is one of the secure ways to run student discounts or loyalty programs and make sure whoever uses the app is genuinely a student. Student bean has partnered with various popular brands who want to engage in student discounts and know the validity of publicity for their brands to reach out to students. e.g., KFC, etc. Student bean discounts are eligible for students over the age of 16 either in high school, university or apprenticeship.

How to access the KFC student discount?

There are laid out processes that a student needs to undergo to be able to access the student discount. These processes should be adhered to strictly and they are listed below;

  • First register with the student beans if you haven’t already registered.
  • After registering with the student beans you will get a student ID.
  • Get the colonel’s club app or website and sign up for a KFC colonel’s club account.
  • Go to the colonel’s club website or app, at the “MY ACCOUNT” section input your student beans ID.
  • You will get a colonel barcode.
  • Verification can take up to 24hrs, present your colonel barcode at a participating store when you purchase any meal for 3 euros or more.

Which student qualifies for the KFC discount?

According to KFC, there isn’t any discrimination about which student qualifies for the discount or not. Every student qualifies for the KFC student discount, students just have to follow the necessary processes to qualify and be able to purchase meals at the store.

Other free KFC student discounts 

  • Free KFC side

This deal is valid when one gets to download the colonel club app. One can get a free KFC side once you download the colonel club app and show the nearest participating store. Which includes ice cream sundaes, soft drinks, etc.

  • 20% off KFC

This discount is given once you engage in a guest survey on the website and complete the survey. At the completion of the guest survey, you will be given a 20% discount voucher to be used on your next purchase at KFC.

  • Free snack box original (student offer)

The free snack box is eligible for students who purchase any item worth £3 or more at a participating KFC store.

  • Free chicken discount

Free chicken is given by bringing old receipts worth £3  or more and entering the details of the receipt into the colonel app. Once you have registered on the app you will be given stamps that are equivalent to how many free chickens you can get.

  • Free KFC hot wings discount

Anyone who downloads the KFC app is eligible for the free hot wings discount.


KFC offers various hacks and discounts which is a good strategy for making and keeping customers both children and adults. These discounts are attractive most especially for students who don’t earn much but are able to afford, spend less and eat more meals easily at KFC.

  1. Is there a healthier option at KFC?

Due to nutritional value, KFC engages in a one-month program to provide nutritional improvement reducing calories. KFC provided nutritional guides and food allergens to make it easier for customers before they place orders.

  1. Can I cancel an order on mobile ordering?

At the moment there is no way to cancel your order on mobile ordering but once you don’t check in on your order your order will automatically be canceled within 5 working days.

  1. How long do I have to collect my order?

Orders need to be collected the same day it was made if not they will be automatically canceled overnight. Customers just have to let the restaurant when they want their order. The time is up to the customer.

  1. How do I pick up my order?

Once you are ready to pick up your order, just check in to the store and choose what preferred channel. Every order has its order number and this is what is used to get your order ready and will be alerted once ready.

To know about KFC’s loyalty program, click here.

KFC Student Discount

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