Does Uber Move Furniture?-Know More

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Moving to a new house or giving your house a new look can be a tussle from the design creation to the actual movement of household equipment. If you get new home appliances, you have to move them from the store, if you do not have a truck. Uber is an international transport contractor that connects drivers to their passengers across the United States. You might as well call an Uber if you are stranded or even drunk at a nightclub. 

Does Uber Move Furniture

Since Uber is only an independent contractor, it is up to the driver to decide if he is willing to transport your furniture or not. Most Uber drivers have cars and small trucks, as they assume they would only carry passengers and small luggage. If you want to move your furniture with Uber, since it is a trusted brand, you should relate it to the driver before the due date as Uber does not encourage their drivers to carry freight.

Would an Uber driver move my furniture if I pay extra bucks?

Again, it depends on the driver and the vehicle to be used for transportation. If it is a car or a small truck in which the furniture can scratch or be damaged, most drivers would not agree because the passenger may not pay for car damages. But if the vehicle can transport the furniture and you offer more money to the driver, some of them may agree. Some Uber drivers have had bad encounters with their passengers, so they would most likely refuse. 

Can Uber Management arrange a pickup for me if I request to move my furniture

If you have a piece of furniture that can fit into a small van, you send your request to Uber XL. Once they give you the driver’s contact, you can call and ask if he would agree to move your furniture when you add an extra fee. If he agrees then you are good to go, as your extra fee might be the motivation. 

What happens if the Uber driver refuses to move my furniture on request

Always call the driver to confirm your movement, even after making a transport request on the Uber app. If your request breaches the driver’s contract, he/she can refuse to transport you. For instance, if you requested a ride for two passengers on Uber and you try to transport four persons when the driver comes, it is a breach of contract. You may have to pay an additional fee to keep your ride. If the driver refuses to transport your furniture, you will pay a cancellation fee, as it is unreasonable.

Does Uber have an insurance policy covering damaged passenger property during transportation?

If you get an Uber driver to help transport a big piece of property and it gets damaged, you are not getting any repair cost. Uber does not have any insurance covering the repair or replacement cost of damaged properties. The driver would not cover the repair cost because you both knew it was a big piece, and anything could happen. 

Are there other services like Uber that can help me transport my furniture without a tussle? 

Yes, there are other connected companies like Uber that offer pickup or moving services. Since Home Depot is a legitimate house renovation company, you can order a Home Depot truck to help you move large pieces of furniture and household items to your place. You can even get some workers to help you load your items into the truck. 

With Uhaul, you can rent a pickup for $20 and also pay an additional time fee, after taking extra hours to move your properties. Depending on your trips, your total cost might be $60 or $70, if your items are many.  If you can not drive yourself with Uhaul trucks, you can look for other assistance like Dolly moving services and delivery or Bungii. 


Generally, Uber does not transport furniture because of the type of vehicles used. Your conversations and contract are mainly with the driver who would pick you up. Before you incur an extra fee, confirm with the driver and see if he/she is willing to grant your proposal. If not, you should get a legitimate moving company to transport your large items.


Is Uber a worldwide connection?

Some regions may not access Uber service, but being a transport contractor, the online company has reached many regions like North American, South America, Europe, and Africa. It has also established itself as the number one transportation connection for passengers, anywhere they are.

Must a driver register an account on Uber before he or she accesses driving gigs?

Yes, you need to download the Uber driver’s app and register, as the company likes to know the kind of car you drive. Uber would also check legal driving documents like your driver’s license, your vehicle registration, and other driving documents according to your region.

Does Uber Move Furniture?-Know More

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