Where Does Trompo Meat Come From? – Know more

Are you a taco lover, especially of Al Pastor tacos? Perhaps you prefer to know what’s inside of Trompo meat before trying it. After all, knowing what you consume is important. Luckily for you, this article will answer your question ‘Where does Trompo meat come from?’.

Where Does Trompo Meat Come From?

Trompo meat is seasoned pork. Speaking of its origin, Trompo or Al Pastor meat is a Mexican appropriation and evolution of the Lebanese “shawarma”, which was introduced to the country around the 1920s. The process to get this meat is the most special thing about Al Pastor tacos. Once you know it you won’t wait any longer to try Trompo meat!

What is Trompo Meat?

Trompo meat is spit-grilled pork. This type of meat is also called Al pastor meat and is cooked on a vertical roasting spit. This way, it is shaved in layers from the pit, mostly to eat on tacos along with pineapple. Additionally, it uses a Mexican marinade named “adobo” to flavor it. 

The way the spit is built-in is the following: First, cuts of pork are marinated for hours. Then, the person in charge of assembling skewers the marinated pork cuts on the spit (from the smaller to the larger pieces) After that, the spit needs to be lifted to put it on the grill. This process can take up to an hour. 

Al Pastor tacos are a very famous Mexican street food that has spread across the United States. However, contrary to the belief, Trompo meat is not originally from Mexico. You’ll learn about its true origin in brief!

Mexican Origin?

Although Al Pastor tacos were created in Puebla, Mexico, back in 1930, the people who invented them were Lebanese immigrants, who arrived at the territory in 1920. The dish introduced by them was called “shawarma”; it was roasted lamb cooked on a vertical grill, served on pita bread.

This cooking method evolved to give life to Al Pastor tacos. Eventually, the lamb meat was replaced with pork and the marinating was added. Mexican tortilla also replaced the Arab bread or pita. 

The name “Trompo” was also given by Mexicans, in allusion to a Mexican spinning toy called the same way. This specific toy spins just like the spit where Trompo meat is cooked. 

Where to buy it?

The best way to eat this type of meat is on tacos, especially tacos made by a professional. However, it is just as delicious alone as served on a corn tortilla, so, if you’re interested in trying it, you should check out these options:

  • Llano Seco

Order online 340 gr of frozen it for $15.75 plus delivery. Other delicious meats ready to serve can be bought at llanoseco.com. Notice that Llano Seco’s Trompo meat is Animal Welfare Certified. 

  • Albertson’s

You can get 680 gr of marinated pork meat delivered to your door or, as well, pick it up. The prices depend on whether you ask for delivery or pick up. Just visit albertsons.com to know all about the service!

  • Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is also another store where you can easily get Trompo meat. It is priced per pound, and 1 lb costs $3.98. There’s also a 4 lb package sold for $15.95. You can use Sam’s Club store locator tool to find your nearest store with available this meat at samsclub.com/locator.

  • H.E.B

Seasoned Mexican Style Pork can be purchased from H.E.B. The average 2.15 lb package costs $7.50. This product is ready in less than 15 minutes! The best thing is that you can surely find this type of meat at any H.E.B. store. 

  • Unimarket Latin Food

In case you’re looking for a premium source of meat for your Al Pastor tacos, you should consider Unimarket Latin Food, in Canada. A 500 gr package of mild Trompo meat can be online purchased for $15.75. Up to now, there are two warehouses from where to retrieve this type of meat; one in Ontario, another in Alberta. The website of this store is unimarket.ca.


Trompo is a very interesting type of meat. As you now know, it is more than pork with a little seasoning. Building the spit where this meat is cooked is harder than it sounds, so finding a nice place that sells Al Pastor tacos can be challenging. This shouldn’t mean that you must forget about trying Trompo meat; just visit your nearest H.E.B. or Sam’s Club and look for it! Surely they’ll have some delicious Trompo meat to satisfy your palate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Al Pastor tacos called like that?

“Pastor” means shepherd, so “tacos al pastor” makes an allusion to herding since the original meat used to make the tacos was lamb. 

Is all Trompo meat sold frozen?

No, but you should always keep it refrigerated. 

Where Does Trompo Meat Come From? – Know more

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