GEICO First Responder Discount-Know More About It

GEICO which stands for Government Employees Insurance Company is an insurance company that currently is the second leading insurance company in the United States with its headquarters in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Irrespective of the government attached to the name, it doesn’t confer it to be government-owned, rather it is a private corporation with no affiliation with the United States government.Now we will see about GEICO First Responder Discount.

GEICO First Responder Discount
GEICO First Responder Discount

The relevance of insurance has made many go in for it and most insurance companies come with mouth-watering offers in form of discounts. The discounts tend to mark out significantly some insurance companies from others. In GEICO, their first responder discounts cover almost all essential, basic needs, and one’s personal properties. Most of the insured packages under the sleeve of GEICO include- automobiles, homes, rents, motorcycles, boats, etc. Notwithstanding, other unique packages are available that involve students, federal workers, the military, etc. I will be exposing more of these discount packages; so relax and go through.

GEICO Car Insurance Discount

Most GEICO’s discount rate varies from state to state or within individuals/ companies depending on the insured asset or quality. One can truly save a lot by insuring his car(s) in GEICO because they offer a wide range of discounts that are profitable and attractive. The discount cuts across vehicle equipment, driving history and habits, driver’s education, driver’s affiliation, and in some cases, the customer’s loyalty.

For Vehicle Equipment Discounts:

a checklist of the vehicle equipment discount reveals a heart-welcoming offer that GEICO gives to car owners who exhibit some exceptional qualities. The checklist covers airbags, anti-lock brakes, purchasing of new vehicle, good driving, emergency deployment, good driving student, seat belt use, multi-policy, etc. 

  • Having an airbag and anti-theft system confers on you to have a 23% discount which applies to your medical payments in case of accidents or in conditions that involved injury, and being a premium subscriber of an installed anti-theft system in your vehicle.
  • There is a 15% discount for anyone who purchases a new vehicle of the most recent model, a good student with an excellent good track result, and for any military personnel who is actively in service or has retired. 
  • Some other discounts vary such as for seat belt use, defensive driving, driver’s education course, and in multi policies (covers for adherence to wearing seat belts, undergoing a driving school on defensive driving, or having a young lad completing a driver’s education course, and insuring more than one car or a combo insuring of one’s car, home or rents) whereas 
  • A 25% discount is seen in driver’s affiliations such when one is deployed to an area of emergency or danger zone or exhibits a customer’s loyalty by insuring multiple of his vehicles.

Most people overlook the relevance of adopting a good driving habit or maintaining a good track record or history of driving with no accident or personal injury. In GEICO they have a 22% discount for anyone who never had an accident for over 5 years. So insurance isn’t all about when you have a loss or damage, you can as well gain when you keep to the rules of driving and exhibit a good driving habit.  

Motorcycle Discounts:

GEICO insurance policy also cover motorcycles by providing collision, body injury liability coverage, personal injury protection, etc to the motorists. These insurance coverages are binding to those who own any collision accessory such as having a seat and saddlebags, a non-stock sidecar, or a piece of electronic equipment. 

For collision coverage, this is covered by GEICO via the helmet especially knowing how expensive some helmets are. Most helmets that are electronically engineered are expensive and having them insured is added advantage. 

There are several discount policies applicable to motorcycle holders which include

  • A discount of up 10% when there is a transfer of motorcycle to GEICO, if there is multiple insuring of more than one (1) motorcycle, if you are a matured rider, renews one’s membership or motorcycle insurance with GEICO or you underwent a motorcycle safety training or course. 
  • A discount of up to 20% if one has attained the level of an instructor in the motorcycle safety foundation 
  • About 5% discount if one includes both his car and motorcycle for insurance. 

GEICO first responder discount isn’t limited only to a car or motorcycle insurance. Property insurance is also available with its discount rates. Property insurance covers homeowners and renters. If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, you can as well get coverage to help protect your business under GEICO. Financial risks are imminent and whether it is a small business or a large scale business, getting it insured saves you some cash and with the discounts offered by GEICO, you wouldn’t regret doing such.


GEICO’s discount offers or rates vary between the various GEICO companies and the state (location). The discount could follow the group discount policy, individual, via an affiliation route, or by being qualified via a special discount route.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is there any discount for vehicle safety features?

Yes, there is. At GEICO, they are lovers of safe vehicles and as such offer discounts for vehicles with the following safety features namely- Anti-lock brakes, seat belts, airbags, anti-theft systems, etc.

  1. Does GEICO have a customer policy discount offer?

Yes, they do. They believe in customer loyalty and have some lucrative discounts for such customers. Though most of the discounts vary based on the state or the location of the GEICO Company insuring the customer. For customers who are loyal to the point of insuring more than one vehicle, they are liable to have a discount of up to 25%. 

  1. Is GEICO’s first responder discount applicable only to car insurance?

Not at all. There is a discount available for motorists who have their motorcycle insured under GEICO. They can enjoy discounts ranging from 5% to 20% depending on the company’s discount policies.  

GEICO First Responder Discount-Know More About It

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