Does Florida Mall Have Wheelchairs,Handicap Cart?-Read More About It

The challenges faced by physically challenged people are enormous, from the inability to do basic daily tasks to participating in fun activities like shopping, traveling, swimming, and others. One major thing that bugles the minds of a person with a disability when going shopping or on vacation is the availability of handicapped-friendly facilities, which most cases, are either not available or limited. Florida mall provides wheelchairs with easy mobility to enable easy access for persons with disability. Although shopping carts are provided separately, shopping can never go wrong for a person with a disability in Florida shopping malls. These wheelchairs are at the Simon Guest Services area of the mall. But note that usage of wheelchairs is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Does Florida Mall Have Wheelchairs,Handicap Cart?

Florida mall is situated in Orlando, a few drives away from the Orlando International Airport. It is the largest indoor shopping complex in central Florida. It holds the record of hosting over 20 million customers (including disabled people) to its shopper’s paradise every year

The mall offers a wide range of outstanding guest amenities and services such as free WiFi, Valet parking, currency exchange, children’s play arena, coupon codes, and Simon Gift cards. 

What is Handicap Cart?

Handicap carts are unique kinds of carts designed for people who use wheelchairs or have one disability. Accessories like these are highly needed in stores and shopping centers regardless of their sizes.

The difficulty of shopping in Wheelchairs

Despite having over 61 million adults living with disability in the United States, some town centers, especially shopping malls, still have barriers for people with disabilities. Online has remained the only alternative for them to make purchases.

Although online might seem a bit convenient, these physically challenged persons need to feel and engage with the natural world so that they don’t fall into terrible cases of depression or isolation.

Most shopping malls do not make plans for the disabled in society. For example, some disabled people find it hard to access doorways in malls, floors with tricky steps, and inaccessible card machines.

Often, it is the demeanor of the staff. Some of the staff are not sufficiently trained; therefore, they drag their feet when it comes to assisting a disabled person

How to make shopping easy for people with disabilities?

Here are a few ways malls can prove that they value customers with disabilities:

  1. Provide more detailed descriptions of every item: Providing a more detailed description of items would enable them to make a more well-informed and accurate buying decision
  2. Lower the checkout counter: it is difficult for people in wheelchairs to make payments over high checkout counters. Malls in various cities need to make adjustments to help the disabled people
  3. Install smart glasses: These are the best kinds of doors needed in our malls. It would be easier for a wheelchair user to enter the mall when the door opens automatically.
  4. Accessible restrooms: The restrooms in malls shouldn’t be kept on the upper floors of the shopping complex. These disabled people need to access the restrooms without steps or elevator
  5. Make Wheelchairs available for rent: Not all disabled people have a wheelchair of their own. Mall owners can make wheelchairs or electric carts available for rent.

Survival Guide for wheelchair users

Disabled people can still enjoy shopping just as non-disabled people, even in a wheelchair. All it requires is a little bit of planning. Here are some essential tips for wheelchair users:

  1. make a list of Malls and check it twice: Make a list of malls offering the best deals, and make some comparisons before leaving for the mall. That you save much time
  2. No need to scoot all over the mall; you can take up help offers from a perky store clerk who is willing to help
  3. If possible, avoid going o the mall on weekends because of long queues and shoppers. Weekday shopping is recommended for wheelchair users


Shopping can be hellish for the disabled. Being in wheelchairs doesn’t mean shopping must be complicated; therefore, shopping malls should provide accessibility for guests needing support. 

Frequently asked Question

  1. Are there wheelchairs at the Florida mall?

Yes, there are wheelchairs at the Florida Mall. You can find them at the Simo Guest Services

  1. Is handicap parking available at Florida Mall?

Handicapped parking is available at the mall as well

  1. Can I take wheelchairs to Florida malls?

Yes, you can take wheelchairs to Florida mall. The mall is one of the largest in the country, which means it has enough spaces for wheelchairs

  1. Where are handicap-accessible restrooms at Florida Mall?

All restrooms in the mall are designed to be handicap accessible. These restrooms can be found at the dining pavilion, near the Florida Hotel & conference center, and H & M

Does Florida Mall Have Wheelchairs,Handicap Cart?-Read More About It

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