Does Geek Squad Repair Appliances?

We’re living in the twenty-first century. The century witnessed the most rapid growth in terms of science, technology, and development. There won’t be a single territory in the world where we won’t find any electrical appliances. From the simple light bulbs which light up our homes and offices, to super-fast and advanced electric cars which we use for transportation. In today’s era, our lives depend on the mere functioning of these electrical goods and appliances. And it’s obvious that when there is so much need for these appliances, there are bound to be some agencies to repair them when they get defective. And thus, here comes the question Does Geek Squad Repair Appliances?

Does Geek Squad Repair Appliances?


What is the geek squad? 

Geek squad is a part of a Canadian and American multinational consumer electronics company, called best buy. The company is headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota. Geek squad was originally an independent company which was founded by chief inspector Robert Stephens. It was established on 16th June 1994. Initially, it just offered computer-related services. There were just a bunch of stores where the customers were needed to visit and show their accessories which were needed to be repaired. In 2002 the company joined hands with the best buy, one of the leading brands in terms of consumer electronics retailers. This made Robert Stephens, the then founder, and CEO of the geek squad, the primary corporate leader for the newly formed subsidiary. What once started as just a computer device service and accessory provider has now expanded its wings to take a high flight across the horizon. In today’s date, it not just repairs computers and related accessories but diagnoses and repairs all types of consumer electronics. The company now, to its full extent, offers a 24-hour telephone and emergency support throughout the whole year. It provides services in-store and on-site and over the internet via remote access. 

There are some other subsidiaries like geek squad too, like Bask, Computer360, comodo geek buddy, Hello-tech, Techvedic, iCracked, Nerds on call.

Where can I find the geek squad? 

Well as long as this thing is concerned, we can find geek squad in most of the stores of best buy, the company of which it’s a part, across the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the Netherlands. There they offer in-store, in-home, online, and remote/over phone services. Although there are some places like Orlando, Florida where some of the geek squad stores were located best buy canceled its partnership with them due to some legal issues. In October 2006, the geek squad launched a fifty-fifty venture with a Carphone Warehouse in the United Kingdom. There too the geek squad continued its tradition and provided on-site service and remote service for electrical appliances. However, in November 2015 geek squad repairs moved its foot to Newark because of the collaboration between Dixons Retail farming and Carphone warehouse, which is now known as curry PLC. In January 2012, following a Great financial loss, Best Buy Europe Venture was discontinued and all the stores of Geek Squad in London, Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands. Sweden, Portugal, and other parts of Europe were worn down to a pulp. As a result, Best Buy had to buy 50 percent of the deal back from Dixons Carphone. 

What kind of appliances does geek squad repair?

By the time it merged with best buy, the geek squad widened its arena to various other electrical appliances rather than just computers and their accessories. Some of the appliances are cameras and camcorders, cell phones, portable audio, tv and home theatre, video gaming devices, smart homes, etc. it not only helps to repair them but helps in the installation too, no matter where we bought them from. And depending on certain factors like the date of purchase, how old the appliance is the company also offers an applicable warranty on the service.

How can we seek service from them?

Well, the geek squad has made its accessibility easy for anyone who wants to seek service from them. They are all found in all of the best buy stores throughout the USA, Mexico, and Canada. The best buy website has a special section(service) just for the geek squad. The website is really attractive and even an eight-year-old can seek service through the website.

The website displays the appliances which they work on and the related pricing for a certain service, like installation, diagnosis, and repair. They have a 24*7 call service throughout the year, which is helpful. The website allows the customers to book on store and in-home visits and they can also track the repair of the appliances that they left at the best buy store.Does Geek Squad Repair Appliances? steps to follow

Booking an appointment is easy too. First, make the best buy account, and then

1) go to the website

2) click on the ‘make a reservation’ option in the on-store section.

3) select the appliance that you want service for

4) select the kind of service(repair, installation, consultancy)

5) select the store nearby your area, date, and time, and click on schedule.

And your appointment is booked.

The Geek Squad staff. 

What’s the most important thing when we are looking for the service of our electrical appliances? Well, it’s the staff of the service providers. How experienced they are, how hastily they can do our work, Their way of conversation, their sound knowledge about the electrical appliances. Their educational background. Right! Well, in this term 2 the geek squads are a bit concerned and a bit flashy about their employee’s appearance and the names by which they are known. I mean the designation. I am using the term flashy here because all of their designations are quite much similar to the secret agencies. like CIA, the counterintelligence agent, DCI, deputy of counterintelligence, covert agent (CA), and many more. Their uniforms are flashy too, as they choose uniforms, which are quite much similar to that of policemen. The era of their flashiness just doesn’t end here. I mean, they have a complete city named after them. The Geek Squad city is located in Brooke Kentucky. The Geek Squad city is the largest Geek Squad computer repair site at 240,000 square feet of area. 

Prices, Terms, and conditions

Some of the basic pricing of some appliances are listed here.

One can seek further prices for certain appliances from their website.

They have some terms and conditions which they have and the customers are required to abide by.

1) Manufacturer warranty: The repair service complements but doesn’t replace the manufacturer’s warranty.

2)Customer responsibility: it is the responsibility of the customer to remove any confidential or private stuff before handing the appliance to them.

3) The geek squad protection plan is transferable. The plan holder must keep original documentation with them.


Phone cost1-year Geek Squad Basic Protection Plan2-year Geek Squad Basic Protection Plan2-year Geek Squad Basic Protection Plan (paid monthly)Service fee2disclaimer 2
$0 — $49.99$15.99$24.99N/A$9.99
$50 — $99.99$19.99$39.99N/A$19.99
$100 — $149.99$29.99$79.99N/A$29.99
$150 — $199.99$39.99$79.99N/A$39.99
$200 — $249.99$49.99$84.99N/A$49.99
$250 — $299.99$59.99$89.99N/A$69.99
$300 — $349.99$69.99$109.99N/A$79.99
$350 — $399.99$79.99$119.99N/A$89.99
EntertainmentRegular PriceBest Buy Totaltech™ Member Price1
Car Amplifier Installation$129.99–$149.99Included
Signal Processor Installation$49.99–$69.99Included
Satellite Radio Installation$39.99–$79.99Included
Car Deck Installation$64.99Included
Advanced In-Dash Navigation or In-Dash Video Installation$99.99Included
Standard-Speaker Installation$64.99Included
Component Speaker Installation$99.99Included
Rear-Seat Video Installation$119.99–$219.99Included
Subwoofer Installation$19.99


Well throughout this whole article We saw what is Geek Squad is. What is its work? And how it’s helping people in different ways. The different locations and different mediums through which we can seek help from them. Their brief history. A little initiative started by an inspector of a certain town Has now

become one of the leading Multinational companies in the arena of electrical appliances. Whether it’s the installation of the delivered product or its setup, the extension of warranty, or the repair of the Electrical items, Geek Squad got all of it for us.  


  • How much does Geek Squad charge for home repairs? 

Ans: Well, charges depend upon the amount of work needed. But they charge a minimum of $80 For an on-site visit for computer-related accessories. One can get the pricing of different services through the best buy website

  • When did Geek Squad become Best Buy’s total services? 

Ans: In 2007. 

  • Does Geek Squad offer car appliance repair? 

Ans: yes. From installing Car speakers to radio and Bluetooth repair, they do all stuff of installation and repairs. 

  • Can Geek Squad access our computer remotely? 

Ans: yes. Sometimes it’s just a minor bug in the software, which can be solved Remotely. It does only after permission from the client. The Geek Squad agent can access their computer remotely and fix it.

  • Who owns Geek Squad? 

Ans: Best buy. 

  • Does the geek squad only repair appliances purchased from its store? 

Ans: nope. They repair and install any appliances. 

Does Geek Squad Repair Appliances?

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