Does USPS Do CashBack?-Read To Know More


The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the private postal service agency for the United States. The United States Federal Government operates USPS postal services. The services deliver postal and packages across the globe. USPS headquarters is located in Washington DC, United States. Founded in 1971, Douglas Tulino and Louis DeJoy are the Deputy postmaster general, and the postmaster general is the key executives. USPS is one of the oldest postal services in the United States.Now In this article we will see Does USPS Do CashBack?

Does USPS Do CashBack?

Do USPS give cashback?

  • USPS is the largest postal service in the United States. Customers consistently use USPS for delivering letters, money, and packages. As the company takes care of delivery, users feel safe and enjoy it. Yes, USPS gives cashback for customers using services. Users can get cashback from USPS only by using debit cards at retailers for delivering posts and packages. Customers can get cashback of $10 increments to $50 increments while using debit cards. Debit cards are a mode of payment for all services provided by USPS. 
  • One can earn cashback only through debit cards in USPS. Many customers with the MasterCard logo on the debit card earn more cashback from USP services. 
  • USPS offers to earn loyalty points and use them to save shipping charges on click-n- ship labels. USPS points can be converted as rewards or in the form of cashback to withdraw directly into our bank account. On spending $500, one can get a cashback of $40 in the form of credits, $50 credits on spending $10,000 yearly, and 20% off, cashback on spending $20,000 annually.  They give their customers a maximum of $40 as cashback on their purchase by debit card.
  • The loyalty program allows you to earn additional program points and more cashback. Policies will vary from one branch to the other. It is advised that the customer is subject to call the branch to confirm their cash back policy. 

How does the cashback of USPS work?

When a customer is using USPS for mailing using a debit card, one will get a small proportion of money back for using services as a reward. The small ratio is called cashback. Cashback is a bonus gift for customers, which tells the customers to use services more often, cashback helps in taking the attention of new customers and gaining USPS value. The money in the form of cashback gets from the bank. Like USPS, most companies and services implement cashback reward programs to promote their branding. 

How to get cashback from USPS?

On using a debit card, one can get cashback from USPS. If you are at the USPS post office for shipping, after the payment is done by debit card, you will be getting cash back. You can request a clerk or employee at the post office for cashback.

If you are using online USPS after the payment is done through a debit card, you will get a cashback you can directly redeem into your account from the website or the delivery man will give you cashback as cash when the product is about to be delivered from the doorstep.

What other features does USPS have?

  • USPS helps customers to ship packages and postal internationally.
  • The services can deliver any package within 3-5 working to any country in the world.
  • USPS has much competition that no other postal service can defeat. The United States Postal services have more than 231,000 courier vehicles. Vehicles of USPS are designed to carry packages and deliver safely. Vehicles have GPS tracking and more advanced technologies.
  • Millions of customers are satisfied with USPS services for international and domestic shipping.
  • USPS also provides basic insurance starting at $100. Standard level shipping insurance can be avail at $5000. USPS takes less charge on international shipments.
  • If the package is not delivered in time, the United States Post Office will be responsible and, on a request, you can get a refund within the month. 
  • When the package is taken by courier service at the doorstep formal steps will be followed then you will be given a tracking number, the tracking number will be emailed to you. One can track products through the website Customers can add a note of instruction of the package. It is easy to change addresses anytime before the product is dispatched.


USPS is one of the fastest postal services in the world. It helps customers to ship their parcels at a low cost. 

USPS offers international and domestic shipping at any time. USPS gives cashback on using debit cards for shipping. The more use of debit cards, the more you can get cashback. It also provides overnight shipment, which can take 1-2 working days to reach parcels anywhere in the world.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do USPS offer cashback on any payment mode?

No, USPS, federal government postal service offers cashback only on using debit cards for shipping. No other mode of payment gives you the cashback from USPS.

  • International shipping through USPS safer?

Yes, you can trust USPS for domestic and international shipping, the servicers take care of your product.  

Does USPS Do CashBack?-Read To Know More

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