Enterprise Student Discount

If you are at university or college, you know how expensive everything can be. You may even feel like your school is making money hand over fist off of your student status – and you’re not wrong! Luckily, there are lots of great deals and coupons for students out there to help make your life as affordable as possible without sacrificing the quality of life. Enterprise Rent-A-Car has student discounts so cheap that it doesn’t even matter if you’re from the US or Canada – whether you’re at university in the UK or France, you can still get the same great deals from Enterprise!Lets discuss about Enterprise Student Discount

Enterprise Student Discount
Everything You Need to Know About Esty’s Student Discount

Save money on gas with a student discount from Enterprise. How does it work? Just present your student ID when renting a car, and you’ll get up to 10% off hourly and daily rates. Whether you’re looking to rent an economy car or luxury vehicle, check out our site to find specials that might apply at any of our 3,800 locations nationwide. The savings don’t stop there, though; they also have special offers throughout October. So take advantage of these deals while they last! With three ways to save, a student discount from Enterprise is your smartest choice yet—and they want all college students (or recent grads) who can use their services to feel empowered by Student savings all year long. So before heading back to campus, make sure you head over here first! And be sure to follow them on Facebook as well.  Here are some other places where students love to go: Groupon & Living Social: These sites offer not only discounts but coupons for thousands of stores across many different categories. Do some research ahead of time to see if there are any promotions you might qualify for based on your status as a student or alumnus—and then wait for a deal.

Create an enterprise service account

  1. Sign in to the Google account with which you want your enterprise to be associated.
  2. Choose the Android Enterprise option from the Avalanche console.
  3. Click the Create Enterprise button. You will be directed to Google’s Android Enterprise page.
  4. Just click here to get started.
  5. Click Next after entering your enterprise’s name in the Business Name field. The enterprise name for the Avalanche console will be this name.
  6. Please provide the contact information for your data protection officer and your EU representative.
  7. The agreement for Managed Google Play should be checked. Click I have read and agree.
  8. Click on Confirm Registration. You have created and enrolled your enterprise service account with Avalanche.

Term & Conditions of Enterprise Student Discount

All the Company or a Business has its Terms And Conditions, so Term & Conditions of Enterprise For The Student Discount are as follows:-

  1. This discount may not be combined with any other discounts or coupons. 
  2. This discount is only available at participating locations. 
  3. To qualify for Enterprise For The Student Discount, you must have a valid student ID and be enrolled in school at least part-time (minimum of 6 credits per semester). 
  4. Your discounted rate will apply to you as long as you are actively enrolled and present your valid student ID card at the time of rental. 
  5. This offer is available for personal use only, may not be used in connection with business entities, and may not be resold. If it is determined that an Enterprise For The Student Discount was sold or provided in error, Enterprise has the right to void or revoke such discount. This offer is subject to change at any time without notice. 
  6. The following cities are not included in Enterprise For The Student Discount: Greensboro-High Point; Charleston-Huntington; Myrtle Beach-Conway-North Myrtle Beach; Augusta-Aiken; Columbia SC and Rock Hill SC (CSRA). 
  7. Enterprise reserves the right to cancel Enterprise For The Student Discount at any time without notice, especially during periods of high demand. Enterprise reserves all rights under applicable law.

As a courtesy and condition of receiving Enterprise For The Student Discount pricing in your area, Enterprise will provide you with an Enterprise representative phone number. 


As a student, you get discounts and perks on almost everything. Knowing all these things is important; it could be able to save your money and give you an extra $$$ to spend as you wish. Do not miss out and make sure that every word of these is soaked up by your brain and stored forever so that when needed they can give you advantages in whatever situation comes next. I hope you enjoyed reading, now go forth to take advantage of what student discounts are made available to students. You never know where it may lead. 

FAQ’s Section

  1. Can you negotiate with Enterprise car rental?
  • Yes, you can negotiate with them. They will always try to stick with you at a high rate when you book without mentioning that there are better deals available to people who book in advance or reserve in person. If you do your research and find a lower rate, then call them up and tell them about it. In most cases, they’ll drop their rates to match what others are offering instead of losing business to competitors.
  1. Why is enterprise so expensive?
  • Most likely because you booked on a website like Expedia or Orbitz. Those sites feature low, limited-time prices that can triple or quadruple what Enterprise charges when you book in person at their locations or by calling their reservation line. Their goal is to get you into a high-pressure sales situation where they hope you’ll be so worried about losing your deal that you end up paying more than if you had just driven there and booked it yourself.
  1. How much is the Student discount at Enterprise? 
  • Many Enterprise locations offer student discounts, which can be between 10% and 25%. Be sure to bring your college I.D. or other proof of enrollment when you go to book a reservation because they’ll ask to see it in most cases. 
  1. Can I get a loyalty discount with Enterprise Rent a Car? 
  • Yes, you can get a loyalty (also known as a membership) discount if you use Enterprise frequently enough. This program, called The Z Club, will reduce your rates by up to 30% after 5 rentals.
Enterprise Student Discount

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