Railcard Student Discount- Know More

One of the ways the UK government entices students to study in Britain is through discounts on public transportation. Currently, there are two types of railcards available to students, depending on your location and status as a student. The oldest and most widely recognized is the 16-25 Railcard, which offers up to 50% off rail travel throughout Great Britain to anyone between the ages of 16 and 25.This is about Railcard Student Discount.

Railcard Student Discount

Railcard student discount is a discounted ticket available to students and apprentices in England, Scotland and Wales. The British national rail network, National Rail, offers one single card that can be used across Great Britain. A railcard student discount was first introduced by Network Southeast in 1988 as an attempt to encourage more people to travel on trains during off-peak hours. Now offered by over 20 train operating companies across Great Britain, there are several different railcards available based on various criteria. For instance, a railcard student discount for 16-18 years old’s is called Go, while its older counterpart for ages 26-30 years old (and above) is known as Grampian. An alternative type of railcard student discount called a Network Card has existed since 2003 and can be used nationwide by anyone travelling at least three times within two months. If you use your railcard frequently, it might make sense to buy a Standard railcard student discount, which allows you to get 40% off all types of fares except peak commuter tickets. If you plan on using your card solely for long-distance journeys between London and Scottish cities, or if you’re often travelling with groups or if you’re disabled or have reduced mobility, it might make sense to opt for a GroupSave50TM which gives 50% savings when purchasing up to ten tickets per month.

How do I get a student discount in railcard?

To receive a Railcard discount, you’ll need to visit your local station. You’ll be required to present proof of student status and eligibility. 

Method 1: Ensure that you’re eligible.

  1. You must prove that you are between 16 and 25 years old.
  2. Whether or not you qualify as a “mature student” depends on your age.
  3. Consider how much it will cost, how it will benefit, and what alternatives are available.

Method 2: – Order your card online.

  1. Take your photo, payment, and ID with you.
  2. You can start saving right away by purchasing a digital Railcard 16-25.
  3. Purchasing a physical Railcard is a good option if you don’t mind waiting.

Method 3: – Sign up in person or by phone.

  1. To purchase a Railcard 16-25, you should assemble the items in person.
  2. On the spot, the card can be purchased at National Rail ticket offices or licensed travel agencies.
  3. Phone 0345-3000-250 rather than calling 0345 3000 250 to buy your card.

Method 4th:- obtain a “Mature Student” card.

  1. Complete and sign the Mature Student application form.
  2. Put together the remaining application materials.
  3. You can order your card online by scanning and uploading your application form.

What discounts does it give me?

It’s available to full-time students (aged 16-25), 16 and 17 year old’s if they’re in full-time education. You need to carry a valid student ID or proof of your age with you at all times. It gives you 30% off most fares, though some tickets are excluded – check before you travel as some routes offer less than others. Note that it isn’t valid for journeys involving two or more services with different operators (so if one company operates part of your journey and another company operates another part, you’ll still be charged a higher fare). If your fare is eligible for discounts through an employer scheme, the railcard student discount won’t apply – unless you’re using it to get 30% off super saver fares, which include the super saver employee discount.


Railcards offer students discounts of up to 60% on rail travel and are available from 16 years old. You don’t need to be studying at a university or college to qualify for a student railcard – many secondary school students use them too! The discount is valid if you are aged between 16 and 25 (or in full-time education over 25). It may seem like a small thing, but for young people who travel frequently, it can make a big difference. For example, if you were planning on travelling from London to Brighton regularly it could mean saving around £150 per year. If your journey was one where a railcard would allow you to get a cheaper fare than usual, then always remember to apply for one when booking your ticket online; otherwise, there’s no guarantee that they will still be available once onboard!

FAQ’s Section

  1. Do university students get a free railcard?
  • One common question from students is whether they can get a free railcard. There are two options for students who want to travel by train: National Railcards and third-party railcards. The easiest way of getting a discount on your fares is with a railcard; there are many different types, but all will offer you some sort of saving on standard ticket prices. This could be as much as £100 every year or, in some cases, unlimited travel within a certain period or area.
  1. How much is a student Railcard UK?
  • Railcards UK comes in a range of prices depending on which you purchase. A 16-25 railcard, for example, costs £30 for one year and offers a third of the journey for all journeys. You can get even bigger savings with an annual saver pass, which allows unlimited travel during peak times and standard fares at off-peak times. This costs just £103 and can save you around £420 over its lifetime.
  1. How much do you get off with a student railcard?
  • The exact amount you save will depend on your railcard and what you’re using it for. If you’re just travelling to school, college or university, a student railcard will give you at least a third off your ticket price every time. For example, if you were to travel from Leeds to London with a non-student priced ticket, you would pay around £98 for an anytime return; with a 16-25 railcard; it costs only £48.
Railcard Student Discount- Know More

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