Does Outdoor Voices Do Alterations?

Outdoor voices which goes by O.V.  is a clothing company based in America company known for activewear or athletic apparel founded in 2013 by a 25-year-old who goes by Tyler Haney. Outdoor voices Specialise in making activewear that you can wear daily for instance during dog walks, Yoga, tennis or running. The activewear ranges from Exercise dresses, shorts, crop tops, leggings, and soft fleeces which are colored and well structured.

Does Outdoor Voices Do Alterations?

Outdoor Voices has grown tremendously from selling women’s apparel which makes 80% of the company’s sales. It’s also famous for its exercise dresses Its trademark look of a racerback crop and matching high waist leggings that compliment any body size. 

Now that we know a bit about outdoor voices, let’s get into our main question today which is;

Does Outdoor Voices do Alterations?

Yes, it Does! For instance, you purchased an exercise dress or leggings and you’d like to make it a few inches shorter. When this happens outdoor voices have got you covered. Confirm with your nearest OV store whether their tailors can help you alter your exercise dress or any clothing that you recently purchased. Expect the alteration to take approximately 7-14 business days. The time taken depends on how busy the tailors or the seamstresses are.

According to a customer who gave a review on Reddit, the alteration is free of charge!  Outdoor voices in Arizona may reimburse your alteration expenses up to $15 if you possess a receipt! It’s called a complementary in-house alteration as it only applies to full-price items. 

What we will be discussing further;

  1. Outdoor Voices Type of Alteration and Cost
  2. Outdoor voices return & Exchange policy
  3. Outdoor Discounts
  4. Are Outdoor Voices Products Sustainably Produced?
  5. Conclusion
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor Voices Type of Alteration and Cost

Outdoor voices offer basic alterations. This means the dresses, leggings, or any other type of clothing bought at O.V may need hemming, repairing seams, shortening sleeves, or lastly, letting out a waistband. Alteration prices differ from location to location but it starts from $15 and it can go as high as $50. But as we had discussed, Outdoor voices can offer free alterations if the item that was bought is returned as soon as possible for basic alterations for a full price item sent with a receipt and that has not been tampered with.

Using O.V tailors is a good option for items purchased at Outdoor Voices. You are also assured of quality because of the experience the tailors have and you will not pay too much if it’s a basic alteration.

Outdoor voices return & Exchange policy

Returns apply to any clothing that is unwashed, unworn, and undamaged. You can make your return within 45 days of your purchase.  An exception applies to orders made between November 1st, 2021 to January 1st, 2022 where the Returns can be made within 60 days. Also, final sales items are not eligible for an exchange or a return.

Further, outdoor voices apparel is designed to last but in the case where your clothing has a manufacturing error, If clothing gets damaged, we will replace it for you or find another option. But keep in mind that the replacement is at Outdoor voices discretion.

All returns should be made online at or in one of the OV stores. Unfortunately for Canadian customers exchanges are not permitted for Canadian orders. Only returns apply to purchases made from Canada. 

Outdoor Voices Discounts

Outdoor Voices offers discounts for instance student discounts, for college or university students, using a valid .edu email address students can enjoy a 20% discount on specific Outdoor Voices styles. Once you have access to your discount code, add it at checkout and your total will reflect the new amount. 

But please note that you can only use one discount per order if you have multiple discount codes share them with your friends or save them for the next order. Also, not all items are eligible for a discount some exceptions include; gift cards, kits, and third-party and charitable merchandise.

Are Outdoor Voices Products Sustainably Produced?

Absolutely. Outdoor Voices and shows customers that it works with partners who understand and abide by the vendor code of conduct. The company ensures that employees are safe, not overworked, and get fair wages and benefits. The teams involved visit the factories a few times a year. The company also works with experts worldwide to ensure that they find more ways to manufacture OV materials more sustainably.


As we have discussed, Outdoor Voices does offer alterations or hemming. Alterations are free of charge or you may be reimbursed up to $15. Proceed to confirm whether your preferred OV store can alter your order. With Outdoor voices, you can enjoy getting recreational wearing a fun outfit daily.

Frequently asked Questions

  1. How is The Outdoor voices Clothing fitting?

Outdoor clothing offers size charts that will guide you to buy your appropriate size because buying clothes online is tricky. Reach out to the OV team via their email at Additionally, Outdoor voices clothing does not shrink or stretch over time!

  1. Does outdoor voices ship internationally? 

Unfortunately, no. Outdoor Voices currently ship in the United States and Canada Only. However, it does plan to expand internationally in the future. OV can’t wait to be #DoingThings globally soon!

  1. Can I pick up my order in-store?

Absolutely! It’s known as in-store pickup. The service helps you get items a lot quicker. Once your order arrives at the store, expect an email with collection details. The other option is to call the store and speak to a store associate and ask them to place an order and then proceed to pick it up

Does Outdoor Voices Do Alterations?

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